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Timeline of Records: Henry Branch and Catherine Markham

1796; Will of William Branch Sr (father of Henry Branch), dated 14 November 1796, Chesterfield County Virginia; (abstract).
To son William, all the land where he lives, 344 acres, and all slaves he has and items.
To son Joseph, tract called (illegible), 400 acres.
To son Henry, my land in Georgia on Upton Creek, purchased of John Talbott, esq of said state, 700 acres.
To son Thomas, land purchased of Roger Atkinson Sr, 250 acres and land purchased of Thomas and Mathew Talbot in Georgia on Crump Creek, 900 acres. To son Francis, land I live on, after his mother's death.
To daughters, Judith and Martha, 260 acres in Botetourt county, on west fork of Little River.
To wife Judith, land we live on for life, and when a child seperates from the family he or she may receive their lot, to be decided by my neighbors, Thomas Watkins and George Evans.
[source] Chesterfield County Virginia Wills 1774-1802, Weisiger; Will Book 5, page 132.

Division of property of William Branch Sr names children: Henry Branch, Joseph Branch, Judith Liggon, Thomas Branch and Martha Branch. (failed to record date)
[source] Chesterfield County Virginia Mixed Probate Records; Book 7, page 130.

1799, 15 Sept; Henry Branch of Chesterfield co, (Va) to Francis Flurnoy of said co and Obadiah Flurnoy, his brother, for $2100 land in Wilkes co, Ga, adj Porter, Talbert, Scurlock, Long and others, within 5 miles of Washington (Ga) being bought by said Henry Branch's father of John Talbert [Talbott], Sr 700 acres; signed-Henry Branch Test- T Branch, John Hill, Robert Hill Commonwealth of Va to George Markham, John Hill and Thomas Branch, gentlemen; Deed Book RR, page 362.
[source] Wilkes County Georgia; Deed Books A-W; 1784-1806; Farmer.

1799, 7 Oct; Henry Branch and Catherine Branch, his wife, by their indenture of bargain and sale, 15 Sep 1799, have sold to Francis Flurnoy and Obadiah Flurnoy, 700 acres in Wilkes co, Ga. Catharine Branch cannot conveniently travel to our county court of Chesterfield. Any two of them have the power to receive the acknowledgement; Wit-Thomas Watkins, clk. 7 Oct 1799; Deed Book RR, page 362.
[source] Wilkes County Georgia; Deed Books A-W; 1784-1806; Farmer.

1800, 29 January; Catharine Branch, rel. dower rights 8 Oct 1799, before Jno. Hill and Thomas Branch. John Hill and Thomas Branch are JP of the said co 1 Nov 1799. T Watkins Regd. 29 Jan 1800; Deed Book RR, page 362.
[source] Wilkes County Georgia; Deed Books A-W; 1784-1806; Farmer.

1800, October; Note from the Will of George Markham of Chesterfield County Virginia; written October 1800; I give to my son in law Henry Branch what he has already received and one negro woman named Peg and two small black steers.

1801, January; Rebecca Markham, orphan of George Markham, chooses Henry Branch as her guardian.
[source] Chesterfield County Virginia Court Order Book 14; January Court 1801.

1806; Henry Branch vs Exr of George Markham; 1806-035.
[source] Chancery Court Cases of Chesterfield county Virginia, available at the Library of Virginia.

Note - Catherine Markham Branch probably died prior to 1810.

1810 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia; pg 65; Henry Branch; 1m 0-10; 1m 16-26; 1f 0-10; 6 slaves.
[pam garrett's comment] Henry Branch appears on the same page with Archer Traylor.

1811, 9 November; Will of Thomas Branch Jr (brother of Henry Branch) of Chesterfield county Virginia; written 9 November 1811; proved 8 May 1815; recorded in Lincoln county Georgia 15 September 1820; (abstract); To my mother, all my estate. After her death, one third to my brother Henry Branch and his son George Branch, by first wife; one third to daughters of Henry Branch by his first wife, Catherine and Judith, minors; one third to my brother William Branch. Executors: Henry Branch and William Branch; Witnesses: Pleasant and Leonard Plunkett, P Poindexter.
[source] Wills of Chesterfield county Virginia.

1812, July; Henry Branch is entering military and wished to make provision for his family. Names two infant children--George Branch and Catherine J Branch. Provides slaves, horses. Also turns over estate, now in possession of his mother, Judith, which was the property of his father William Branch, dec'd. Lists several pages of debts. Appoints William Elam to handle, in trust, for the maintenance and education of his children.
[source] Note from Deeds of Chesterfield County Virginia; Book 19, page 312; July 1812.

Note - Henry Branch probably died around the year 1815.

1818, 12 January; Jacob W Branch and Catherine J Branch, daughter of Henry Branch, dec'd. William G Elam, witness; Married 14 Jan by Thomas Anderson. [source] Marriages of Chesterfield County Virginia; Weisiger.

1820, 4 September; Died- On Monday, September 4, in her 79th year, Mrs. Judith Branch, widow of William Branch, dec'd. of Chesterfield county. (mother of Henry Branch)
[source] Virginia Patriot, and Richmond Daily Mercantile Advertiser; 20 September 1820; page 2, column 5; from the Marriage and Obituary citations compiled by Bernard J Henley and available at the Library of Virginia website.

1821, 29 January; William Elam administrator of the estate of Henry Branch, deceased and trustee for the benefit of George Branch and Catherine Branch, children of Henry Branch and John N Jones. Whereas Thomas Branch by deed of trust dated 20 March 1806 conveyed to Thomas Watkins (trustee) a tract of land . . (related to deed below)
[source] Note from Deeds of Chesterfield County Virginia; Book 23, page 590; January 1821.

1821, 11 January; William Branch of Georgia and George M Branch and Jacob Branch of Chesterfield and John Jones. Branch for $2000 paid by Jones and $4000 more to be paid, land in Chesterfield co, Va 416 acres. On the Appomattox bounded by Benjamin Watkins and Thomas Watkins. Being the tract of land owned by William Branch, on which Judith Branch, his widow lately resided.
[source] Note from Deeds of Chesterfield County Virginia; Book 24, page 4; January 1821.

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Timeline of Records for Henry Branch and Catherine Markham; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.