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Bio: Judith Markham

Judith Markham was probably born between 1750-1760 in Chesterfield county Virginia. It is presumed that she is a younger daughter of John Markham and his wife Catherine Mathews. Questions surrounding the birthyear of Catherine Mathews Markham make if difficult to be certain that she is the mother of John Markham's younger children. See further discussion under Catherine Mathews.

Judith Markham's father, John Markham, died in 1770 and his Will is of record in Chesterfield county Virginia. No wife is named in the Will and it is assumed that he was widowed at the time of his death. Judith is mentioned in her father's Will:

Item- I give unto my daughter Judith one negro man George, with his wife Amey and their son London with all their future increase to her and her heirs forever, also one feather bed and furniture. But in case of the death of one of my daughters Rebecca or Judith before arrive of lawfull age or marry, then my desire is that their parts be equally devided by my Executors one half to go to the surviving sister Rebecca or Judith, and the other half to be equally devided between my four sons, John, Vincent, George and Archibald, but in case of the death of both of my said daughters before they arrive of lawfull age or marry that then the whole of their parts be equally devided between my sons aforesaid.

. . . and if there should be any overplus after paying my four sons the legacies aforesaid, then I give to my daughters Rebecca and Judith as much as will make their shares of my Estate with what I have already given them, amount to the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds, and in case there should anything remain after paying the legacies aforesaid, I desire the same may be equally divided between all my children.

Judith, Rebecca and Archibald Markham were probably in their teens when they were left orphaned at the death of their father. In September of 1771, Bernard Markham is appointed guardian for his two youngest sisters, Rebekah and Judith. (Chesterfield county Virginia Order Book 5, page 35). It seems likely that they went to live with Bernard Markham, his wife Mary Harris Markham, and their busy family.

Judith Markham was married to Archer Traylor sometime after 25 January 1779, the date of their marriage bond in Chesterfield county Virginia. George Markham, Judith's older brother, acted as security and witness for the marriage bond.

Archer Traylor was the son of Joseph Traylor and Elizabeth Neal. He inherited the bulk of his father's estate in Chesterfield county Virginia, which included two homes, "Isle of Pines" and "Riverside". About 1800, the mercantile concern or Spiers, Bowman and Co, of Petersburg Virginia, was reviewing their accounts and noted thirty-two pounds owing from Joseph Traylor. The associated comment read, "Capt Archer Traylor, son and legal representative of Joseph Traylor, deceased, is an honest man and possessed of considerable property." (British Mercantile Claims 1775-1803)

Author and descendent Joseph S Gresham, gives some excellent information on Archer Traylor, Judith Markham and their descendants in his 1968 book "The Robertsons of Winterpock". It follows the family of their daughter, Catherine Traylor and her husband John Robertson. It also recounts much of the family data that was passed down by descendants of Archer Traylor's daughter Mary Traylor, who married Henry Cox. He notes Archer Traylor as a "respected churchman" and gives details on his military service:

Traylor's military record is clearly validated by Gwathmey. He was involved in a campaign in New Jersey and was commissioned as a First Lieutenant and later he became a Captain. In 1779 he returned to the Virginia theater of war . .

Judith Markham and Archer Traylor were the parents of seven identified children: Catherine Traylor, Joseph Traylor, Mary Traylor, Archer Traylor jr, Elizabeth Traylor, Judith Traylor, and Thomas Mathews Traylor.

Judith Markham Traylor probably died sometime between 1820-1825, having seen all her children grown, and the births of many grandchildren. Archer Traylor died in 1825, and his Will is of record in Chesterfield county Virginia. Their place of burial is not known.

Author's note: In the early years of my research on the Markham - Traylor family connection I received some wonderful help and encouragement from historian Cal Traylor, and researcher Peggy Thompson. They were generous in sharing the fruits of their work on the Traylor family. I am appreciative.

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Biography of Judith Markham; written by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.