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Timeline of Records: Judith Markham and Cheadle Burch

1797; A Masonic lodge was chartered at Paineville (Amelia county), Virginia on November 28, 1797. This lodge was Number 51. Nelson T. Patterson was Master; Waller Ford was Senior Warden; Creadle Burch was Junior Warden . . .
[source] History of Amelia County [Virginia]; compiled from notes by AR Hudgins.

1806, May Court; Will of Garner Mayes Amelia County; written 8 Mar 1806; I Garner Mayes of Amelia County . . .; in presence of us: Cheadle Burch, Judith Burch, Jacob Robert, Milton Vaughan.

1810 Census of Amelia county Virginia
C . . dle Burch; 1m 0-10; 1m 16-26; 1m 45+; 3f 0-10; 1f 10-16; 1f 26-45

1812; This Indenture made and entered into this fifth day of August in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve Between Jacob Roberts Austin Seay Samuel Ford & John Chappel Commissioners appointed by the County Court of Amelia to sell one half of the Mill seat late the joint property of the Orphan children of William Clement dec.d and Cheadle Burch of the one part and Thomas Powell of the second part all of the County of Amelia . . .
The commonwealth of Virginia to William Meriwether & Samuel Ford Gentlemen justices of the County of Amelia greeting whereas Jacob Roberts Austin Seay Samuel Ford and John Chappell and Cheadle Burch by their certain Indenture of bargain and sale bearing date the 5th day of August 1812 have sold and conveyed unto Thomas Powell the fee simple Estate of and in forty two acres of land with the Mill seat and othe appurtenances thereunto belonging lying and being in the County of Amelia And whereas Judith Burch the wife of said Cheadle Burch cannot conveniently travel to our County Court of Amelia to make acknowledgement . . And when you have received her acknowledgment and examine her as aforesaid . . . Witness John T. Leigh Clerk of our said Court this 8th day of August 1812.
[source] Deed Clement and Burch to Powell; 1812, Amelia county Virginia, Deed Book 23, pages 588-590; transcript by Marna L Clemons, 2001.
[pam garrett's comment] In this database, a more detailed rendering of this deed will be found under Thomas Powell who married Rebecca Markham.

1815, April;
Deposition of James Chappell (about 1856)
Question of plaintiff's atty: When did Cheadle Burch die?
Ans: He died the 4th Saturday of April 1815.
[source] Virginia Memory; Chancery Records Index, Amelia County, 1858-001; Louisa Ford Taylor vs John Palamore.
[pam garrett's comment] The deposition of James Chappell, taken about 1856, is recorded in the above referenced Chancery Record. About 1813-1814 Cheadle Burch and John Tinsley Jeter acted as trustees for Nancy Wood Ford and her infant daughter Louisa Ford (later Louisa Ford Taylor).

1820 Census of Giles county Tennessee
Judith Burch; 1m 10-16; 1f 0-10; 1f 10-16; 1f 25-45

1830 Census of Giles county Tennessee
Judith Burch; 1m 20-30, 1f 20-30, 1f 40-50; 2 slaves

1840 Census of Giles county Tennessee
BM Burch; 3m 0-5, 1m 5-10, 1m 20-30 1f 15-20

1850 Census of Giles county Tennessee; #93
Barnerd M Barch; 40 (1810) Virginia; $9000; brick mason
Elizabeth Burch; 30 (1820) Tennessee
Judith Burch; 72 (1778) Virginia
David Burch; 18 (1832) Tennessee; clerk
Barnerd M Burch; 14 (1836)
George Burch; 12 (1838)
Jackson Burch; 10 (1840)
Henry Burch; 5 (1845)
Benjamin Burch; 3 (1847)
James Burch; 1 (1849)
Andrew Koarss; 29 (1821) Virginia; clerk
note- living near John N Patteson

1854; Will of David Neal, Giles County Tennessee, written and probated in 1854; To my brother Daniel Neil two thousand dollars to be paid by executor as soon as sum is collected from debts due the mercantile firm May & Neil. To brothers Hamilton Neil, Grimes Neil, Patrick Neil, sister Elizabeth, Lavinia, Mary, Ann, Selina and Margaret one thousand dollars each, at their deaths go to their heirs. For kindness and attention bestowed on me during the disease under which I am now laboring I give to Allen E. May two thousand dollars. To Mrs Judith Burch three hundred dollars. To Louisa Moore daughter of Reverend Albert Moore two thousand dollars. The residue of estate to be equally divided among the above named person except Mrs. Judith Burch. Executor: Julius P May, Albert Moore; Witness: Charles C. Aabernathy, William Gilmer.
[source] Will Abstracts of Giles County Tennessee; submitted by Betty Moore.

1855; Mrs Judith M Burch died at residence of B. M. Burch, Pulaski, Tenn., Feb. 14, 1855 aged 76 years.
[source] Genealogical Abstracts from Reported Deaths, The Louisville and Nashville Christian Advocate and the Nashville Christian Advocate 1852 - 1856; Jonathan KT Smith, 1997.

1855; Judith M. Burch; born Mar. 30, 1790; died Feb. 14, 1855; Maplewood Cemetery; Pulaski, Giles county Tennessee.
[source] Find A Grave, internet.

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Timeline of Records: Judith Markham and Cheadle Burch; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.