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Timeline of Records: Judith Virginia Markham and Norborne Cooke

1810; Norborne B Cooke married Judith Markham; 9 July 1810; surety-George Markham; wit-J Boling.
[source] Chesterfield County Virginia Records, page 103.

1813; Richard Roe/Rue to Norborn B Cooke a 1/2 acres lot in the town of New Castle adjoining the public square, lot #71; $50.00.
[source] Deeds of Henry County Kentucky; Deed Book 4, page 385; 18 September 1813.

1814; Norbourne Cooke purchasing 3 lots in New Castle, Henry county Kentucky.
[source] Deeds of Henry County Kentucky; Deed Book 4, page 482; 7 July 1814.

1816; George Markham (son of Bernard Markham) sells to Norborne B Cooke for $500, land in Fayette county Kentucky which was given by patent to Bernard Markham in 1782, 1783, 1785; 13,000 acres.
[source] Deeds of Chesterfield County Virginia; Deed Book 20, page 569; 27 Feb 1816.

1820 Census of Woodford county Kentucky; Versailles; pg 127
Norb B Cooke; 3m 0-10; 2m 10-25; 1m 26-45; 1f 0-10; 1f 26-45; 1f over 45; 7 slaves.

1824; Norborn B Cook to M Smith for $1.00; 600 acres where said Cook now lives, including mills, negroes, furniture, household goods, horses and stock. [source] Deeds of Henry County Kentucky; Deed Book 11, page 78; 20 August 1824.

1824*; I, Mary Markham of Henry county for the consideration hereafter mentioned do hereby bargain and sell to Irmas [Thomas] Smith of New Castle five negro slaves named: Abraham 26, Harriett 10, July 7, Casey 5, Jane 3 . . . I this day purchased of Smith at the price of $2000 notes in the . . . Commonwealth of Kentucky.
[source] Deeds of Henry County Kentucky; Deed Book 11, page 59; date in question.
[pam garrett's comment] This was a complicated mortgage agreement. I did not make a copy. Date appears to read 1814, but this is questioned. Read note below.

1824*; I, Mary Markham of Henry co, for and in consideration of the love and affection I have for my daughter, Judith V Cooke and her children to wit: Bernard F, Mary M, Norborne L, John E, LF Cooke and any other children she may hereinafter have--I do hereby sell to Thomas Smith in trust for the use and benefit of said Judith and her children and their heirs the following slaves: Absolom 25; Harriett 10; July 8; Capy 5; Jane 3 and their increase, provided that I have to myself the benefit of possession of the said slaves during my lifetime.
[source] Deeds of Henry County Kentucky; Deed Book 11, page 127; 21 September 1824.

*[pam garrett's comment] Dating on these deeds appears to say 21 Sep 1814, but this is not likely to be correct. Most of these "heirs" were not born in 1814 and Book 11 of Henry county Kentucky deeds encompasses 1824.

1830 Census of Henry county Kentucky
NB Cook and J Clark; 2m 10-15; 1m 15-20; 4m 20-30; 1m 40-50; 1f 0-5; 2f 5-10; 1f 15-20; 2f 20-30; 1f 30-40; 1f 60-70; slaves.

1840 Census of Henry county Kentucky; pg 268
Norborne Cooke; 2m 20-30; 1m 30-40; 1m 60-70; 1f 10-15; 1f 15-20; 1f 20-30.

1850 Census of Owen county Kentucky; pg 243
Norbourne B Cooke; 64 (1786) Virginia; farmer
Judith Cooke; 63 (1787) Virginia
Eugene Cooke; 24 (1826) Kentucky
Martha Cooke; 23 (1827) Kentucky
Lucy Cooke; 20 (1830) Kentucky
note - son Norbourne Cooke is living next door

1858; Norbin L Cooke to JE Cooke, his 1/5 share in tract of land where their parents now reside, originally purchased from Norbin Green, known as division of the Hogg and Hite survey.
[source] Deeds of Henry County Kentucky; Deed Book 27, page 596; 1858.

1859; John Bates, trustee for Mrs Judith V Cook and heirs, with Norbin B Cook, her husband and Mrs Mary Morton, Norbin L Cook, J Eugene Cook and Lucy A Cook, only children and heirs of Mrs Judith Cook--sell to Hogg the home property of Judith and Norborne Cooke--but they are allowed to remain in residence for their natural lives.
[source] Deeds of Henry County Kentucky; Deed Book 28, page 83; October 1859.
[pam garrett's comment] I am not certain why Martha Cook is not mentioned here as an heir as she lived until 1897--perhaps it is her husband, James Thompson Hogg who is receiving the property.

1860 Census of Henry county Kentucky; Port Royal; pg 433
Norbin Cook; 75 (1785) Virginia; farmer
Judith Cook; 74 (1786) Virginia
Eugene Cook; 38 (1822) Kentucky; farmer
Lucy Cook; 29 (1831) Kentucky

1864; John Roe to Judith V Cooke witnesseth that the said Judith V Cook hath this day paid the sum of $1800 out of her own individual funds, in addition Eugene Cook and Joel White pay $200 each and the balance of $485 to be paid out by Eugene Cook and Joel White for property in Henry co, 145 acres. It is understood by the parties to this deed that after the death of Judith V Cook that the land conveyed by this deed is to descend to JE Cook and Lucy F White to be equally divided between them both. Judith V Cooke.
[source] Deeds of Henry County Kentucky; Deed Book 29, page 330; 19 March 1864.

1867; Judith V Cook, widow of Norborn Cook, selling off all rights to her property to John F Hogg.
[source] Deeds of Henry County Kentucky; Deed Book 31, page 309; 15 January 1867.

1870 Census of Henry county Kentucky
Joel White; 43 (1827) Kentucky; farmer
Lucy White; 40 (1830) Kentucky
Josephus White; 10 (1860)
Judith Cooke: 83 (1787) Virginia
Eliza Gardner; 64 (1806) Kentucky

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Timeline of Recordsfor Judith Virginia Markham and Norborne Cooke; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.