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Bio: Judith Markham

Judith R Markham was the youngest daughter of John Markham and his wife Mary of Pittsylvania county Virginia. She was born about 1795. Her father died in 1801 when she was still a little one and her mother died in 1809 when she was around the age of twelve years. Judith Markham lived her early years on the Markham plantation in Pittsylvania county Virginia and at her mother's death she was placed under the guardianship of her oldest brother, Peter Markham. It is uncertain who she lived with, but she was most likely placed under the care of one of her married sisters.

The court records of Pittsylvania county Virginia are a bit confusing on the issue of her guardianship, but it appears that she was first under the guardianship of her brother Peter Markham, then when he went off to war in 1812, her newest brother-in-law James Callaway was appointed guardian. But, very shortly after, she was identified under the guardianship of her older brother-in-law, Elisha Burch. In December 1812 the court records give an accounting of monies paid to Elisha Burch for the care of Judith Markham and her younger brother Thomas Bernard Markham. Expenses incurred by Elisha Burch include "board" for one or two years, a 1/2 yard of muslin from a peddler, a pair of shoes made by James Martin and sundry articles of A[braham] Sydnor.

The story of Judith Markham's life after 1812 remains a mystery. No marriage record appears in Pittsylvania county Virginia, or in surrounding counties. But, an interesting possibility remains under consideration. The name of Judith was very popular in the Markham family, coming down through the family from Ireland. Four sons of the immigrant John Markham named daughters Judith Markham. The four Judith Markhams were born between about 1780 and 1795. Only one of these Judith Markhams (daughter of Bernard Markham) has a clearly identified marriage; the other three remain in question. It seems likely that one of these remaining three Judith Markhams was married to Cheadle Burch of Amelia county Virginia. Cheadle Burch was the brother of Elisha Burch who married John Markham's daughter, Martha Markham. So, did brothers marry sisters? Likely birth and marriage dates suggests that Judith R Markham (daughter of John Markham) is probably too young to fit the bill. There are several reasons why the other two Judith Markhams (daughters of William Markham and George Markham) are better candidates as the wife of Cheadle Burch. Presently in this database, Judith Markham, daughter of William Markham and Mary Wathen is identified as the wife of Cheadle Burch. See her record for further information on descendants.

For a time I considered whether Rebecca J Markham and Judith R Markham, daughter(s) of John Markham, might be the same person. But they are clearly identified in court records as two seperate people. Unfortunately, I have lost track of Judith R Markham, daughter of John Markham and Mary Tunstall, after 1812.

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Bio for Judith Markham; written by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.