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Bio: Judith Markham

Judith Markham was named in the Will of her father George Markham, probated in Chesterfield county Virginia in 1800. She was likely the daughter of George Markham's first wife Sarah Hill. In 1800, she was underage. The Will bequeaths Judith Markham four hundred pounds, and "one negro woman named Dulcey and her youngest child". In December 1800, "Judith Markham, orphan of George Markham, chooses Nelson Patteson as her guardian." Nelson Patteson was her uncle, married to her father's youngest sister, Rebecca Markham.

The story of Judith Markham's life after 1800 remains a mystery. No marriage record appears in Chesterfield county Virginia, or in surrounding counties. But, an interesting possibility remains under consideration. The name of Judith was very popular in the Markham family, coming down through the family from Ireland. Four sons of the immigrant John Markham named daughters Judith Markham. The four Judith Markhams were born between about 1780 and 1795. Only one of these Judith Markhams has a clearly identified marriage, the other three remain in question. It seems likely that one of these remaining three Judith Markhams was married to Cheadle Burch of Amelia county Virginia.

There is an indenture written up in the Amelia county Virginia Court Records of 1812. It concerns the transfer of some Mill property from William Clement and Cheadle Burch to Thomas Powell. One of the commisioners for the transaction is Jacob Roberts. In 1812, Thomas Powell is married to Rebecca Markham, likely daughter of George Markham and Sarah Hill. Also, Jacob Roberts is married to Elizabeth Osborne Markham - widow of Bernard Markham, who was the son of George Markham and Sarah Hill. Could this deed give strength to the argument that Judith Markham, daughter of George Markham and Sarah Hill, is the wife of Cheadle Burch?

There is an interesting entry in a Markham genealogy, reading: "George Markham married Miss Hill. They left one daughter, Mrs Sallie Birch, who went to Pulaski, Tennessee. It is not known if she left any family."

This statement raises several questions. I do not find clear evidence of this Sallie Birch. I believe that George Markham's daughter Sarah Markham married Thomas Colley. Does this entry refer to Judith Markham who married Cheadle Burch and removed to Pulaski, Tennessee? If so, was she really a daughter of George Markham? Presently in this database, Judith Markham, daughter of William Markham and Mary Wathen is identified as the wife of Cheadle Burch. There are several reasons why she seems the best candidate for Burch's wife.

If Judith Markham, daughter of George Markham and Sarah Hill, was the wife of Cheadle Burch then we have a good accounting of her family. But, if she was not, then we have lost track of her after 1800.

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Bio for Judith Markham; written by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.