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Timeline of Records: Mary Markham and Linneaus Bolling

1793; Lenias Bolling and Mary Markham, not of age, daughter of Bernard Markham who consents; Surety Robert Cary; Lenias Bolling of Buckingham co; 16 Dec 1793.
[source] Marriage Bonds and Ministers Returns of Chesterfield County Viginia; Knorr.

1810 Census of Buckingham county Virginia; pg 786
Laneaus Bolling; 1m 0-10; 2m 26-45; 2f 0-10; 2f 26-45; 35 slaves.

1816; Died, Linnaeus Bolling, a student of William and Mary, and son of L Bolling of Buckingham Co, on Saturday (June 1), drowned.
[source] Richmond Enquirer (Richmond Virginia); 5 Jun 1816.

1822; George Markham of Powhatan, Lineas Bolling of Buckingham and James Dillard and William Rives. Deed of Trust. Debt to Lineaus Bolling, decree in Chancery in Richmond. Brett Randolph et al vs Bernard Markham's executors, slaves. 23 January 1822.
[source] Deeds of Amherst County Virginia 1807 - 1827; abstracts.

1825; Died at her residence in Buckingham co on 11th inst, Mrs Mary Bolling, consort of Linnaeus Bolling, Esq, age 48.
[source] Richmond Enquirer (Richmond Virginia); 27 Jan 1825.

1827; George Markham of Amherst to Jonathan Garland, slaves. Garland bond to Lineas Bolling. Many deeds relating to Garland-Markham-Bolling; 22 Sept 1827.
[source] Deeds of Amherst County Virginia 1807 - 1827; abstracts.

1836; Died at his residence in Buckingham on 7th inst, age 63, Linnaeus Bolling, Esq, leaving children.
[source] Richmond Enquirer (Richmond Virginia); 26 Jan 1836; Death Notices from Richmond Virginia Newspapers 1821 - 1840; Virginia Genealogical Society, 1987.

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Timeline of Records for Mary Markham and Linneaus Bolling; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.