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Timeline of Records: Peter Markham

1796; (difficult to read) . . . examination of Mary, wife of George Markham, concerning land conveyed by deed from George Markham to Peter Markham; March Court 1796.
[source] County Court Order Books of Chesterfield County Virginia; Family History Library Film #30911.
[pam garrett's comment] I have never come across this land transaction in the Deed records, but this court order does appear to say Peter Markham.

1804; Peter Markham is listed as surety in the marriage of James Whitehead and Elizabeth Markham, daughter of Mary Markham 7 Jan 1804.
[source] Marriages of Pittsylvania County Virginia; Knorr.

1810 Tax List for Pittsylvania county Virginia
Peter Markham; 1 white, 1 slave, 1 horse

1811; Elisha Burch and Mary his wife, formerly Mary Markham and James Whitehead and his wife, formerly Elizabeth Markham against Peter Markham, John Markham, William Markham, Catherine Markham, Rebecca Markham, Judith Markham, Thomas Markham. Peter Markham being guardian of all these children who are under the age of 21; 15 July 1811.
[source] Court Order Books of Pittsylvania County Virginia


1812: Peter Markham is witness to deed between Reuben Colman and James Whitehead; 2 June 1812.
Peter Markham is witness to deed between Shastead and Ellis; 14 September 1812.
[source] Deeds of Amherst County Virginia 1807 - 1827; book of abstracts located at the Family History Library, no author.

1812; Deed in Amherst county Virginia, 14 Sept 1812, rec 15 Nov 1813; between James Shartead and Ellis; witnesses - wit: Richard Eubank, Charles Burks son David, John H Zevely (sp?), John Tardy, Peter Markham.

1812; Peter Markham; 8th Regt (Wall's) Virginia Militia; War of 1812.
[source] War of 1812 Records at Fold 3.

1820; Peter Markham, Nelson county Virginia, Admin Bond 1820, WBB:99
[source] Index to Virginia Estates, 1800 - 1865, Volume 4; Pippenger.
[pam garrett's comment] This is a record to consider, but there is no indication that this is the Peter Markham referenced here.

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Timeline of Records for Peter Markham; written by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.