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Virginia researcher John W Pritchett, suggests that John Markham and Catherine Mathews had a son named Peter Markham. At his Virginians website, Pritchett notes:

John [Markham] made his will in Chesterfield County 20 October 1770 naming nine children, and was dead by 1 February 1771 when they proved the will in court and ordered it recorded in the official county records . . A son not named in the will, Peter Markham, appeared with Bernard Markham in their father's tithable list in 1762.
[Chesterfield County Tithables, 1762 The Southside Virginian Vol 5, pg 118]

I [Pam Garrett] have also come across a "memo of bargain" that I am not sure of how to interpret. It mentions a "son Peter", but I am not certain to whom this refers. I suspect it refers to Peter Branch, son of Matthew Branch:

30 June 1775, Archibald Cary's memo of bargain with John Markham for tract of land in the forks of Grandalls and joining lands of Capt Robert Goode nigh the broad Rock of Stony Creek, the land of the late Mathew Branch of Warwick and coming down Grandalls before fork so as to cross Grindalls main Runs between Brett Randolphs and Archibald Bradies (Brodies) estate land, for which said Markham to pay 20s per acre, but about 15 acres to be taken out so as to join lands of Matthew Branch bought of Col Byrd and land he holds under his father's Will and by him left to his son Peter.
[source] Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers, pg 254.

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Thoughts on Peter Markham; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.