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Timeline of Records: Nelson Patteson and Rebecca Markham

1771; Bernard Markham appointed guardian of Rebekah and Judith Makham, 6 September 1771.
[source] Chesterfield county Virginia Order Book 5, page 35.

1774; David Patteson is appointed guardian of James and Nelson Patteson, orphans of James Patteson also Richard Crump and Sarah his wife, Nelson and James Anderson Patteson, by David Patteson, their guardian against Mary Patteson, Thomas Prosser and Charles Patteson, executors of James Patteson, dec'd by order of court, defendants are to make up an account and divide estate into four equal parts according to the will of said Patteson; Court of 7 Oct 1774.
[source] Chesterfield County Virginia Wills, 1774-1802; Weisiger.

1779; Nelson Patteson chooses Vincent Markham as his guardian; Court 3 Dec 1779.
[source] Chesterfield County Virginia Wills, 1774-1802; Weisiger.

1782; On the petition of Nelson Pattison by Vincent Markham his Guardian setting forth that he hath lands on Appamattox river convenient for a water Grist Mill, and praying that an acre of the lands of Ludwell Brackett may be condemed for that purpose It is ordered that the sheriff summon a Jury of twelve freeholders of the county to meet on the lands petitioned for and view and value the same agreeable to an act of the General Assembly in the year one thousand seven hundred and forty eight and entitled "An act concerning water mills."; Court 21 February 1782.
[source] Powhatan County Virginia Order Book 1, page 185.

1783; Nelson Patteson, oldest son and heir at law of James Patteson, late of the county of Chesterfield to Thomas Howlett. Securing a previous agreement concerning land sold by James Patteson to Thomas Howlett on Powhite creek in Chesterfield county Virginia.
[source] Deeds of Chesterfield County Virginia; Deed Book 10, page 248.

1796; from Nelson Patteson and Rebeckah his wife, of Cumberland to Robert Walton; 308 acres in Cumberland; 22 Feb 1796.
[source] Deeds of Chesterfield County Virginia; Virginia Magazine of History, vol 35.

1797; Members of the Masonic Lodge in Paineville, Amelia county Virginia: (among others) Nelson T Patterson, Creadle Burch, Thomas R Davenport

1798; from Nelson Patteson of Cumberland, to David Burton; 10 acres on Appomattox River, where Nelson Patteson lives; 2 Aug 1798.
[source] Deeds of Chesterfield County Virginia; Virginia Magazine of History, vol 35.

1800; William Anderson to Nelson Patteson of Giles co. Land in Giles co, (formerly Maury) 640 acres in the second district on Eastern waters of the Richland branch of the Elf River for $1800; 17 Apr 1800.
[source] Deeds of Giles county Tennessee; Deed Book A, page 39.

1803; Nelson Patteson and Rebecca his wife of Cumberland county Virginia and William Brown of Chesterfield county Virginia; for 1909 pounds, sold to Brown, land in Chesterfield co, bounded by James A Patteson; 9 July 1803.
[source] ??, Deed Book 17, page 226.

1803; similar to above - Nelson Patteson and Rebecca sell to William Brown and Obediah Smith; 9 July 1803.
[source] ??, Deed Book 17, page 228.

1820 Census of Giles county Tennessee
Nelson Patterson; 1m 0-10; 1m 16-28; 1m 45+; 1f 45+

1824; Court Orders of Giles county Tennessee; May 1824; The Last Will and Testament of Nelson Patterson, dec'd was produced in Court and proved by German Lester and Thomas Martin, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto, and the codicil thereto . . by the oath of Aaron V Brown a subscribing witness and said will with codicil was ordered to be recorded.
[pam garrett's comment] I have had no success in locating this Will.

1824; Archer Traylor administrator of Nelson Patteson, decd; 8 November 1824.
[source] Records of Chesterfield county Virginia; Virginia Magazine of History, vol 35.

1827; Estate Administration of Rebeccah Markham Patteson; Giles County, Tennessee; Transcribed by Flournoy Rivers from Giles County, Tennessee Chancery Court minutes.
[pam garrett's comment] I have not had the opportunity to see these documents.

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Timeline of Records for Nelson Patteson and Rebecca Markham; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.