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Timeline of Records: Rebecca Markham Barber

1811; Elisha Burch and Mary his wife, formerly Mary Markham and James Whitehead and his wife, formerly Elizabeth Markham against Peter Markham, John Markham, William Markham, Catherine Markham, Rebecca Markham, Judith Markham, Thomas Markham. Peter Markham being guardian of all these children who are under the age of 21.
[source] Court Order Book of Pittsylvania county Virginia; 15 July 18ll.

1820, 6 Jan; Joel Barber and Rebecka Markham, who signs her consent, Rebecker J Markham; surety James Whitehead; married 11 Jan by Rev Griffith Dickinson.
[source] Marriages of Pittsylvania County Virginia; Williams

1820 Census of Pittsylvania county Virginia; page 75
Rebecca Barber 1 white male under 10, 1 white female 26-45
note - nearby is James Whitehead, Elisha Burch

[pam garrett's comment] I find no Joel Barber, Rebecca Barber, or George Barber in the 1830 or 1840 census of Pittsylvania county Virginia.

1850 Census of Pittsylvania county Virginia; Northern District; pg 218
George Barber; 30 (1820)
Elizabeth Barber; 20 (1830)
George Barber; 11.12 (1849)
Rebecca Barber; 50 (1800)
Virginia Barber; 22 (1828)
Elnora Barber; 15 (1835)
neighbors- Joab Watson, James McMinnis, Andrew Hutson, Henry Shelton, John Custard, Elizabeth Custard (widow)
note - The age for Rebecca Barber could be interpreted as 30 or 50, but should be closer to 50.

1860 Census of Pittsylvania county Virginia; Bergers Store
George T Barber; 39 (1821)
Rebecca T Barber; 56 (1804)
Judith V Barber; 26 (1834)
Elinora R Barber; 19 (1841)
Washington Barber; 12 (1848)
Edmond Barber; 6 (1854)
Benjamin H Barber; 5 (1855)
Benjamin A Barber; 3 (1857)
neighbors- Joseph Hardy, Booker and John Dalton, Robert and John Haynes

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Timeline of Records for Rebecca Markham; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.