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Bio: Rebecca Markham

Rebecca Markham's story has been difficult to piece together. There are questions about her parents, her husbands, and her children. Much of the information given in this biography is speculative. The first evidence I came across for Rebecca Markham was her marriage:

Thomas Davenport to Rebecca Markham, 14 Dec 1798, security - Vincent Markham.
[source] Marriages of Powhatan county Virginia; FHL film #33067.

She is of age to be married, so we can assume that she was born before 1780. The fact that Vincent Markham appears as her security suggests that he is her father. But, family records tell us that Vincent Markham of Powhatan county Virginia had only one child, Elizabeth Markham who married Francis Lewis. There is evidence that Vincent Markham and his brother Bernard Markham may have taken in the orphaned children of their brother William Markham. Is Rebecca Markham a daughter of William Markham and Mary Wathen? That is where she is placed in this database. There are arguments for and against that question.

Rebecca Markham's first husband, Thomas Foster Davenport, was the son of William Davenport and Ann Foster of Cumberland county Virginia. Family records suggest that he was twenty years older than Rebecca. The Davenport family had long been in Cumberland county and there is evidence that they had property adjoining Nelson Patteson near Little Guinea Creek and Tear Wallet Run. Nelson Patteson had married in 1783, Rebecca Markham, aunt of Rebecca Markham who married Thomas Foster Davenport. Perhaps these family connections brought the couple together.

After their 1798 marriage, Thomas F Davenport and Rebecca Markham set up housekeeping in Cumberland county Virginia. A document related to Thomas F Davenport's estate (1819) names three children: Charles Davenport, Ann F Ligon, Mary Hobson. It is possible that Charles Davenport was the son of Thomas F Davenport's first marriage, but Ann Davenport and Mary Davenport are probably the daughters of Rebecca Markham. They must have been born in quick succession as both were married by 1819.

The 1810 Census of Cumberland county Virginia is interesting. It shows Rebecca Davenport as head of a household. In the household are three female children between 0-16; an adult female between 26-46 an and adult male between 26-45. I am wondering about the identity of the adult male. If it is Thomas Foster Davenport, why is he not head of household. If it is his son, Charles Davenport, where is the father? Thomas F Davenport's estate was not settled until 1819, and I have seen mention that he died in 1817.

In November 1816, when Ann F Davenport married William F Ligon, the license identifies her as "daughter of Rebe Davenport." Why is Thomas F Davenport not mentioned as the father? Was he already deceased, or had he disappeared?

Agreement by order of the court. Appointing commissioners to divide the estate of Thomas F Davenport, dec'd. Rebecca Davenport, widow. Charles Davenport, Ann F Ligon, Mary Hobson.
[source] Cumberland county Virginia Will Book 6; page 137; January 1819; recorded February 1819.

Rebecca Davenport married John Colquitt, 30 Oct 1820; surety-John H Ballou. Rebecca signs her own consent.
[source] Cumberland County Virginia Marriages.

Rebecca Markham Davenport's second husband was a widower with a large household of children. The 1820 census of Cumberland county Virginia, taken just prior to their marriage, suggests twelve children in the household, five under the age of ten. At about age forty, Rebecca took on a big job. It may not have worked out so well for her. By the 1830 census of Cumberland county Virginia she does not appear in the John Colquitt household. There are two young females in the household, but they may be John Colquitt's grandchildren.

Did Rebecca Markham Davenport Colquitt die before 1830? Or, is she the older female in the household of her son-in-law and daughter, William F Ligon and Ann Davenport Ligon? Many questions remain.

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I am greatly indebted to the Davenport research of Donna Lehman and Nancy Royce. See their work on the internet:
Donna Lehman's World Connect Database, titled Burt-Ligon-Powell-David-Pope-Walker-Patterson, etc.
Genealogy of Linda Haas Davenport, includes the work of Nancy Royce; http at //

Biography of Rebecca Markham; written by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.