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Bio: Catherine Mathews

From the earliest days of my research on the Mathews family I assumed that Catherine Mathews, daughter of Peter Mathews and his wife Bridget of New York, was the wife of John Markham of Chesterfield county Virginia. More recently (2015) I have come across evidence that suggests I was probably wrong! It appears more likely that Peter Mathews' grand-daughter, Catalina "Catherine" Mathews, was the woman who married John Markham. We do know that Peter Mathews' daughter Catherine was first married to James Eustace about the year 1730. She has been difficult to follow, but bits and pieces of her story are given below - mostly in the form of records where she and her husband James Eustace appear. The question of whether or not she married secondly John Markham remains. Links to further discussion are given at the close of this article. Pam Garrett, November 2015.

1703; Census of City of New York 1703; Capt Matthews; 1 female, 3 male children, 2 female children, 1 female negro, 1 male negro child.
[source] Early New York State Census Records; Meyers, 1965.

1721; Will of Bridget Matthews; In the name of God, Amen. I, Bridget Matthews, of New York, widow. I give to my grandson, Peter Matthews, my late husband's silver watch, and his writing desk, which now stands in my parlor, I leave to my only son, Vincent Matthews, 5 pounds over and above what I shall hereinafter leave to him. Whereas my late husband did give to my son Vincent at his marriage, a considerable sum of money, as part of his portion: now I equalize the said sum unto each of my other two children, which was my husband's intention. I do give to my eldest daughter Catherine, a negro girl and to my daughter Flora, my negro girl named Dinah, and my negro boy called Galloway. I leave to my two daughters all my wearing apparel and jewels and household stuff, except the plate. All the rest of my estate I leave to my son Vincent and my two daughters Catherine and Flora. And whereas my daughters have some small pieces of plate, and other small wares, which have hitherto been given them, they are to enjoy the same without any contradiction. I make my three children executors; dated 8 Jan 1721. Witnesses, Joseph Wright, William Sharpas, John Chambers. Proved 27 Jan 1722(?)
[source] Collection of the New York Historical Society; Book 9, pg 282.

1723, May 7; Vincent Mathews of said co of Ulster and Catherine Mathews and Flora Mathews both of the city of New York, spinsters, to Sunderland and Chambers, tract in Ulster, lengthy description. Referring to a property agreement between Sunderland, Chambers and Peter Mathews, deceased. Described property being passed thru Peter Mathews to wife Bridget then to their children, Vincent, Catherine and Flora. A division of property.
[source] Index to New York Deeds, from the Family History Library.

[pam garrett's comment] About the year 1730 (possibly earlier) Catherine Mathews was married to James Eustace. He was a mariner from the port of Bristol in England, and he was part owner of the ship Antelope (Antilope), along with other Bristol merchants and shippers. The story of how James Eustace and Catherine Mathews met would likely be interesting. James Eustace may have taken up residence in New York for a time, but his Will is written (Nov 1730?) in, and probated (February 1732) in England. It is not clear whether Catherine Mathews went to reside in England with her husband. The Eustace - Mathews marriage was brief, but it may have resulted in a child, Peter Eustace, who was born and died in Bristol England in 1730. See further details under James Eustace #3699 in this database.

1730; Burial record for Peter Eustice; 8 August 1730; Bristol, Gloucester, England; parents Saml Eustice and Katherine.
[source] Family Search database.
note - Consider this possibility for a child of James Eustace and Catherine Mathews. Is "Saml" actually James?

1730: Property Division - Vincent Mathews of Mathewsfield in County of Orange and Cathalina his wife; James Eustace, late of New York, mariner and Katherine his wife, one of the daughters of the aforesaid Col Peter Matthews and Bridget his wife; Flora Mathews, one of the daughters of aforesaid Col Peter Matthews and Bridget his wife . . . signed: Flora Matthews, Will Sharpe [Sharpas], James Eustace, George Clark; Deed Book GG, page 275; 30 September 1730.
[source] Index to New York Deeds.

1732; Will of James Eustace, Mariner of Bristol, Gloucestershire; 17 February 1732 [written 1730?]; PROB 11/649/317.
In this database, see complete Will transcription under the James Eustace #3699.

1735; Will of Elizabeth Denne, written 9 Dec 1735, proved 14 Jan 1736/37, Orange county New York.
Elizabeth Denne was widow of Christopher Denne of Dennehill, Orange county New York. Witnesses: Isaac Van Hook, Katharine [Mathews] Eustace, John Fred. In this database, see complete Will transcription under Elizabeth Jones #3746.

No further evidence has been found of Catherine Mathews Eustace after the 1735 record above. Did she remarry? Did she marry John Markham as her second husband?

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Biography of Catherine Mathews; written by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2015.