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Bio: Archer Traylor jr

Archer Traylor jr, son of Archer Traylor and Judith Markham, was born about 1787 in Chesterfield county Virginia. His identity remains "confused". There are several Archer and Archibald Traylors of a similar age in the area of Chesterfield county Virginia. Researchers put forth conflicting pictures of the son of Archer Traylor Sr and Judith Markham. I subscribe to the idea that this Archer Traylor jr married first Sarah Neel (Neal)*. This idea was suggested to me by longtime Traylor researcher, Cal Traylor, with whom I corresponded many years ago.

Archer Traylor jr is clearly mentioned in the 1825 Will of his father, Archer Traylor sr:

I give unto my son Archer Traylor, the following negroes, Judith, James and Nancy with their future increase. I also leave him six hundred dollars to be paid in six equal payments, with the property already loaned him during his life and after his death to his children. And after paying Mary Cox sixty dollars for my due bill with interest....give him the balance of two hundred dollars which he sold my girl Charlotte for to John Goode which money he has now in possession to him and his heirs forever.

Joseph Gresham, in his 1968 book "Robertsons of Winterpock", presents the idea that Archer Traylor jr, son of Archer Traylor sr and Judith Markham, married Judith Webster, 1803 in Amelia county Virginia. I think this is a mistaken identification. Consider - Archibald Traylor (1777-1834) married Judith Webster, and was the head of a large family of children. More recent research suggests this Traylor line for him: William Traylor married Judith Archer > Humphrey Traylor (1711-1790) married Elizabeth Cousins > Frederick Traylor (1756-1800) married Ann Edwards > Archibald Traylor (1777-1834) married Judith Webster.

After considerable study of the Archer (Archibald) Traylors in Chesterfield county and Petersburg Virginia, I have constructed a theory about Archer Traylor jr. I do not have sufficient documentation to support the theory, so I place it here only for consideration!

Archer Traylor jr and his first wife Sarah Neel* had several children, but I have not been successful in identifying them. In the 1820 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia we find Archer Traylor and Archer Traylor jr within a few lines of each other. Their near neighbors include - Elizabeth Moore, Alexander Moore, Henry Winfree, Edward O Branch, Ezekiel Perkinson, Sandial Traylor, William H Vaden and the estate of Paton (sic) Randolph. This places them in the vincinty of the Markham family, and I think these are our Archer Traylors senior and junior. The Archer Traylor jr family shows one male age 26-45 (1775-1794), one female age 16-26 (1794-1804); one male age 10-16 (1804-1810), and one female age 0-10 (1810-1820).

I believe that Archer Traylor jr's first wife, Sarah Neel Traylor, died sometime shortly before the 1830 census was taken. The 1830 census of Chesterfield county Virginia suggests that Archer Traylor (jr), born 1780-90, is a widower with two children, a male and a female, in the household. Consider that the age of the male child (born 1820-1825) in the 1830 census is different from the male child (born 1804-1810) shown in the 1820 census. I think this suggests that Archer Traylor jrs' oldest son has left the household, or died, by 1830, and that a younger son has been born in the early 1820s.

It is of interest to note the Sandal Traylor who is living near Archer Traylor jr in the 1820 and 1830 census records. She might be the widow of Archer Traylor jrs uncle Jesse Traylor. This is not proven, and her age in the census records would raise questions.

I purport that Archer Traylor jr was secondly married to Martha Ann Stow(e) in 1834. Her father probably is the Herbert (Haber) Stowe who appears near Archer Traylor jr in the 1820 thru 1840 census records of Chesterfield county Virginia. I have also noted a Herbert Traylor who appears nearby in several census records. He might be of interest.

Archer Traylor, Jr and Martha Ann Stow; Allen Moore, wit, 10 November 1834; page 244, married 12 Nov, page 440.
[source] Chesterfield County Virginia Records, Weisiger

Capt Archer Traylor married Martha A Stow; 5 Jan 1834.
[source] Petersburg [Virginia] American Constitution; 5 January 1834.

The 1840 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia probably represents Archer Traylor jr and his second wife, Martha A Stowe Traylor. It shows Archer Traylor born 1780-1790, and his wife born 1790-1800. Four children are shown - female born 1810-1820, male born 1820-1825, male born 1835-1840, female born 1835-1840. The two older children in the household likely belong to Sarah Neel Traylor, and the two younger children, born between 1835-1840, belong to Martha A Stowe Traylor.

Archer Traylor jr died in 1846, and his widow appears in the 1850 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia. This record shows Martha A Traylor 45 (1805); Bernard Traylor 15 (1835); Judith Traylor 12 (1838); and Lucy C Stowe 36 (1814).

Martha A Traylor appears again in the 1860 census of Chesterfield county Virginia with her son, Bernard B Traylor, and sister, Lucinda C Stow. Her daughter, Judith M Traylor Mann is living next door. A recently (2017) located Virginia death and burial record indicates that Martha A Traylor died 1 September 1877 in Chesterfield county Virginia. It includes the helpful information that her parents were Herbert and Lorena W Stowe.

Census records suggest three children for Archer Traylor jr and his first wife Sarah Neel Traylor: one male born 1805-1810, one female born 1810-1820, one male born 1820-1825. I hope to eventually identify these children.

*UPDATE - In December 2016 I was contacted by researcher Julie McKinney, who suggested a different marriage for Archer Traylor jr. She contends that Archer Traylor jr, son of Archer Traylor and Judith Markham, married Eliza Gill in 1817 Chesterfield county Virginia. This idea does have merit, and it is being further explored!!
See the work of Julie McKinney at wikitree.

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