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Letter: Military Service of Archer Traylor jr
A Letter from the War Department, responding to a request by Mrs Harry M Howard, 1937.

November 14, 1937

Mrs Harry M Howard
3100 Connecticut Avenue
Washington DC

Dear Madam:

Reference is made to your personal request of October 19, 1937, for the record of James Bury, who served in the District of Columbia or Maryland militia, his wife May Coons Bury, the record of James Mifflin Cooper who served in the Maryland militia and died about 1819, and that of Archer Traylor of Chesterfield County Virginia, all soldiers of the war of 1812.

There are no claims for pension on file based upon services in the War of 1812 of a James Cooper described above, nor of any James Bury or Archer Traylor. The bounty land records have been searched, also, and no claim for bounty land found based upon service in that war of the James Cooper cited above. The records have been found, however, of a James Bury and an Archer Traylor, which follow as found in the claims for bounty land based upon their service in the War of 1812.

[information on James Bury]

Archer Traylor
BL WT 68952-160-55

The date and place of birth, and names of the parents of Archer Traylor are not shown.

Archer Traylor enlisted in Chesterfield County Virginia, and served from August 28, 1814 to September 21, 1814, as private in Captain Alexander Gibbs' company of Virginia militia.

This soldier died June 16, 1846, in Chesterfield County Virginia.

Archer Traylor married November 12, 1834 in Chesterfield County Virginia, Martha A Stow or Stowe. They were married by Reverend John H Wilder. The names of her parents are not shown, nor is it stated whether or not either had been married previously.

Martha A Traylor applied July 2, 1855, for the bounty land which was due on account of service of her husband, Archer Traylor, in the War of 1812. She was then aged fifty-five years and a resident of Chesterfield county Virginia. Her application was executed in the presence of Indiana W Perkinson and Elizabeth N Fowler, residents of Chesterfield county Virginia, before Edward F Perkinson, Justice of the Peace for said county. No relationship of those persons to the soldier's family is shown. On this application soldier's widow, Martha was granted one hundred sixty acres of bounty land on Warrant No 68952, under the Act of March 3, 1855.

It is not stated whether Archer and Martha Traylor had children, nor is the date of her death given.

Should you desire information in regard to the location of the land cited above, you should apply to the Commissioner of the General Land Office . . .

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Letter related to the Military Service of Archer Traylor jr; prepared by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2017.