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Timeline of Records: Archer Traylor jr

1810 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia; page 65
Archer Traylor

1814; Archer Traylor jr served in the War of 1812 in Captain Alexander Gibbs company of Virginia Militia in August and September of 1814. See 1937 Letter responding to a request by Mrs Harry M Howard.

1820 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia; page 215
Archer Traylor; 1m 45+; 1f 45+
Archer Traylor jr; 1m 10-16; 1m 26-45; 1f 0-10; 1f 16-26

1830 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia, page 485
Archer Traylor; 1m5-10; 1m40-50 (1780-90); 1f15-20
next to Archer Traylor -
Sandal Traylor; 1f50-60; 2m20-30; 1f5-10 (second wife of Jesse Traylor)
also nearby -
Herbert Stowes; 1m60-70; 3f20-30; 1f50-60

1834; Archer Traylor, Jr and Martha Ann Stow; Allen Moore, wit, 10 November 1834; page 244, married 12 Nov, page 440.
[source] Chesterfield County Virginia Records, Weisiger

1834; Capt Archer Traylor married Martha A Stow; 5 Jan 1834.
[source] Petersburg [Virginia] American Constitution; 5 January 1834.

1840 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia; page 216
Archer Traylor; 1m under 5; 1m 15-20; 1m 50-60 (1780-90); 1 f under 5; 1f 20-30; 1f 40-50 (1790-1800)
nearby -
Harber Stowe; 1m70-80; 1f30-40; 1f60-70

pam garrett's note on Archer Traylor in the 1840 census, page 216 - I suspect that this is Archer Traylor (son of Archer Traylor and Judith Markham) with his second wife Martha Ann Stowe. The two young children would be Judith Markham Traylor born 1835, and Bernard B Traylor born 1838. The older children would come from Archer Traylor jrs' first marriage, and they remain unidentified.

1846; statement in a letter from the US War Department to Mrs Harry M Howard in 1937, referencing Archer Traylor - "This soldier died June 16, 1846, in Chesterfield County Virginia."

1850 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia
Martha A Traylor; 45 (1805)
Bernard Traylor; 15 (1835)
Judith Traylor; 12 (1838)
Lucy C Stowe; 36 (1814)

1860 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia, pages 56-57
Bernard B Traylor; 23 (1837)
Martha A Traylor; 55 (1805)
Lucinda C Stow; 39 (1821)
next door -
Mrs Susan Mann; 72 (1788)
Abram W Mann; 35 (1825); manages farm
Judith Mann; 22 (1838)
William Mann; 8.12 (1859)

1870 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia
Abram W Mann; 45 (1825) Virginia
Judith M Mann; 32 (1838) Virginia
William A Mann; 11 Virginia
Abram W Mann; 9 Virginia
Benard B Mann; 6 Virginia
Robert Mann; 4 Virginia
Judith Mann; 2 Virginia
Nancy Manford; 75 Virginia
Henry Tucker; 50 Virginia

1877; Martha A Traylor; died 1 September 1877, Chesterfield county Virginia; marital status - single; father - Herbert Stowe; mother - Lorena W Stowe. (pam - marital status should read widow)
[source] Virginia Deaths and Burials

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Timeline of Records for Archer Traylor jr; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2017.