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Timeline of Records: Bernard B Traylor

1850 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia
Martha A Traylor; 45 (1805)
Bernard Traylor; 15 (1835)
Judith Traylor; 12 (1838)
Lucy C Stowe; 36 (1814)

1860 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia, pages 56-57
Bernard B Traylor; 23 (1837)
Martha A Traylor; 55 (1805)
Lucinda C Stow; 39 (1821)
next door -
Mrs Susan Mann; 72 (1788)
Abram W Mann; 35 (1825); manages farm
Judith Mann; 22 (1838)
William Mann; 8.12 (1859)

1864 Civil War Service
General Index Card for Civil War Soldiers - B B Traylor; Capt JW Drewry's Company of Virginia Artillery; originally assigned to 2 Regt Virginia Artilltery as Co C, until reorganized as Capt Jones Independent Co Virginia Artillery. Served for a time in FW Smith's Battn Reserve Artillery. BB Traylor, pvt in JW Drewry's Co Virginia South Side Artillery, appears on a receipt roll for clothing, 20 March 1864. Bernard (BB) Traylor appears on a receipt roll for pay for 186? at Drewry's Bluff; date 31 May 1864; occupation Carpenter; period of service May 1-31, 1864; witness - RM Garland Lt; also for June 1-30 1864; witness CW Moseley, Lt.

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Timeline for Bernard B Traylor; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2017.