Markham of Chesterfield
      Ancestors and Descendants of John Markham

Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brackett, Frances P  1810Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I694 markhamchest 
2 Davenport, Ann Foster  Abt 1798Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I859 markhamchest 
3 Davenport, Charles  Abt 1805Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I1423 markhamchest 
4 Davenport, Mary  Abt 1800Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I861 markhamchest 
5 Davenport, Thomas Foster  Abt 1758Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I857 markhamchest 
6 Ligon, William Henry Foster  1823Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I2120 markhamchest 
7 Patteson, Alfred S  20 Oct 1788Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I501 markhamchest 
8 Patteson, Bernard Markham  9 Dec 1791Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I67 markhamchest 
9 Patteson, Catherine "Kitty"  20 Nov 1789Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I66 markhamchest 
10 Patteson, James  29 Feb 1784Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I63 markhamchest 
11 Patteson, Mary A  29 Mar 1786Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I64 markhamchest 
12 Patteson, Nelson Anderson  1 Jul 1795Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I68 markhamchest 
13 Woodson, Wade Netherland  1763Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I301 markhamchest 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Colley, Thomas  28 Oct 1816Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I281 markhamchest 
2 Davenport, Thomas Foster  1817Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I857 markhamchest 
3 Davenport, William  Abt 1793Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I1424 markhamchest 
4 Fleming, John  7 Nov 1756Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I3178 markhamchest 
5 Fleming, John  21 Apr 1767Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA I3968 markhamchest 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bentley / Gay  30 Nov 1796Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA F162 markhamchest 
2 Colley / Markham  Between 1796 and 1799Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA F34 markhamchest 
3 Colquitt / Markham  30 Oct 1820Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA F444 markhamchest 
4 Dowdy / Bolling  28 Oct 1890Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA F380 markhamchest 
5 Ligon / Davenport  18 Nov 1816Cumberland Co, Virginia, USA F445 markhamchest