Markham of Chesterfield
      Ancestors and Descendants of John Markham

Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
301 Shackleton, Richard  Feb 1885Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I1822 markhamchest 
302 Smith, Ballard  18 Aug 1782Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I39 markhamchest 
303 Smith, Catherine Markham "Katy"  Abt 1775Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I41 markhamchest 
304 Smith, Francis "Frank"  1772Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I40 markhamchest 
305 Smith, Joseph  Abt 1792Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I46 markhamchest 
306 Smith, Lewis  Abt 1792Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I45 markhamchest 
307 Smith, Rebecca "Becky"  Abt 1770Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I43 markhamchest 
308 Smith, Sarah  Abt 1785Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I44 markhamchest 
309 Smith, William  Abt 1790Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I42 markhamchest 
310 Traylor, Archer  29 Dec 1789Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I72 markhamchest 
311 Traylor, Bernard B  1835Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I93 markhamchest 
312 Traylor, Edwin OBeal  12 Apr 1824Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I4035 markhamchest 
313 Traylor, James Geddy  5 Dec 1829Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I490 markhamchest 
314 Traylor, Judith Markham  1838Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I3610 markhamchest 
315 Traylor, Susan A  1820Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I4043 markhamchest 
316 Traylor, William Cunningham  3 Jun 1861Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I4039 markhamchest 
317 Winfree, Wilson Garrant  Apr 1886Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I1691 markhamchest 
318 Wooldridge, Albert Boston "Bertie"  1870Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I1979 markhamchest 
319 Wooldridge, Albert Burton  Abt 1842Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I204 markhamchest 
320 Wooldridge, Archibald Logwood  1785Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I3987 markhamchest 
321 Wooldridge, Bessie  1869Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I1959 markhamchest 
322 Wooldridge, Caroline  1835Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I3992 markhamchest 
323 Wooldridge, Edwin Spencer  7 Sep 1840Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I202 markhamchest 
324 Wooldridge, Julia Ann  1839Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I3993 markhamchest 
325 Wooldridge, Kate  1865Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I3111 markhamchest 
326 Wooldridge, Martha Hannah  14 May 1839Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I126 markhamchest 
327 Wooldridge, Mary W  1872Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I2012 markhamchest 
328 Wooldridge, Pattie Lee  1866Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I3110 markhamchest 
329 Wooldridge, Thomas J  Abt 1841Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I203 markhamchest 
330 Wooldridge, William Beverley  1827Chesterfield Co, Virginia, USA I3991 markhamchest 

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