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The Markham of Chesterfield website is my effort to document and share ideas on the ancestors and descendants of John Markham of Chesterfield County Virginia. John Markham was born at the beginning of the 18th century, in County Kilkenny Ireland. His family had come from England to Ireland in the previous century. As a young man, John Markham immigrated to America, first settling in Orange County New York, and about 1750, removing his family to Chesterfield County Virginia.

These pages contain family stories, along with documents, photographs, and genealogies of John Markham’s family. At present, the primary focus is the first three descendant generations beginning with John Markham of Chesterfield county Virginia. As the website develops, the ancestral families of Markham, Mathews, Briscoe, Bernard, Fletcher and Vincent will be added. Numerous biographies and sketches will also be included for descendant lines – ie. Fleming, Harris, Bolling, Robertson, Davidson, Weller, Patteson and many others.

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Feature Articles

feature 1 John Markham – Who Are You?
A simple outline of the life of John Markham of Chesterfield County Virginia - born in Ireland, immigrant to America, farmer, plantation agent, justice of the peace, and family man. PDF

feature 2 Peter Mathews and Benjamin Fletcher – What’s the Connection?
There is good evidence for a familial relationship between Benjamin Fletcher, who served as governor of New York 1692-1698, and Peter Mathews, Fletcher’s “commander of the fort”. PDF

feature 3 A Domestic View of William Fleming
William Fleming wore many hats in his lifetime - a privileged and educated man of Virginia, he was a student at William and Mary College in the early 1760's, and studied law under Patrick Henry. These preparations set him off on a career of public service that spanned more than fifty years. PDF

feature 5 Feature Chart
Register of John and Catherine (Mathews) Markham's Children and Grandchildren

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