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Timeline of Records: Mary C Burch and John Edwards


Mary C Burch married John Edwards; 4 February 1822; 4 February 1823; Joshua Butcher.
[source] Marriages of Giles County Tennessee.

1850 Census of Giles County Tennessee; District 17
John Edwards; 53 (1797), Virginia; physician; $2700
Mary C Edwards; 46 (1804), Virginia; (Mary Burch Edwards)
Sarah A Edwards; 20 (1830), Tennessee

Dr. John Edwards born King William Co., Va., June 9, 1797; died Cornersville [Comersville], Giles Co., Tenn., March 14, 1860; from Va. to Giles Co. 1818; md Mary C. Burch 1823; joined MEC 1821; reported 19 April 1860.
[source] Genealogical Abstracts from Reported Deaths in the Nashville Christian Advocate; Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1997.

John Edwards (June 9, 1797 to March 14, 1860); Beechwood Cemetery, located at Cornersville, seven miles south of Lewisburg. Copied April 1967 by Deane Porch and partially re-checked 1979 by Helen and Tim Marsh.
[source] Cemetery Records of Marshall County Tennessee.

FindAGrave Link for John Edwards, at Beechwood Cemetery, Cornersville, Marshall county, Tennessee, USA.

1860 Census of Giles county Tennessee; Lynnville-Comersville
LL Burgess; 43; merchant; (Thomas L Burgess)
Mary I Burgess; 33 (1827); (Mary Edwards Burgess)
John W Burgess; 16
Waffen T Burgess (m); 13; (Walter Burgess)
Kate V Burgess; 11
Ada Burgess; 4
Anna Edwards; 15 (1845) Virginia; domestic
Mary Edwards; 55 (1805) Virginia; domestic; $6000
[pam garrett's comment] The identity of Mary Edwards is not certain.

1860 Census of Giles county Tennessee
A Cox; 34 (1826) Georgia; methodist minister
Sarah A Cox; 30 (1830) Tennessee
Lula E Cox; 9 (1851)
Elmina M Cox; 7 (1853)
Mary E Cox; 5 (1855)
Nannie Cox; 3 (1857)
John Cox; 1 (1859)
note: Sarah A Cox is daughter of John Edwards and Mary Burch.

1870 Census of Giles county Tennessee; Pulaski; page 147
August(?) Cox; 44 (1826) Georgia; $100,000
Autoueth(?) Cox; 40 (1830) Tennessee
Leila E Cox; 18
John W Cox; 11
Alexander Cox; 9
Inez P Cox; 7
Edith Cox; 5
Jessie Cox (f); 3
Augewl Cox; 1
Adelade Cox; 22
Mary C Edwards; 58 (1812)
Thomas Downey; 30

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Timeline of Records: Mary C Burch and John Edwards; written by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2015.