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Timeline of Records: Benjamin Charke

[note] The relationship of Benjamin Charke (#3831) to William Charke (#3826 ) is not clear. In this database Benjamin Charke has been placed as the son of William Charke and his wife Elizabeth. This William Charke is believed to be the noted "puritan" preacher of Lincoln Inn. But, a genealogy for Benjamin Chark, included in The Visitations of London 1633-1635 indicates that Benjamin Chark (haberdasher) is the eldest son of William Chark (gentleman of London) and his wife Sarah Dauers (possibly Dyer). The "visitation" also indicates that Benjamin Chark was married to Sarah, daughter of Mr Eyre of London, Skinner. The records below may represent two different Benjamin Charkes.

1608; Will of Sarah Platt of London, Spinster, was dated 5 January 1608/1609. "To my [mentions siblings, cousins, friends] . . To Sarah Chark the daur of my Master William Charke a painted box . . To my fellow Elizabeth Sandsbury [an] apron. Rest of goods to my sister Ann Platt and she to be Executrix My friends Benjamin Charke the son of my master William Charke & Tobias Shirley to be overseers & to them 2 holland handkerchiefs a piece. Witnesses: William Lane servant to Sir Robert Hare, John Charke. Probated 28 Jan 1608/9 by Anne Plat, Extx.

Christenings of the children of Benjamin Charke and his wife Sarah:
at Saint Dionis Backchurch, London England -
Thomas Charke; 18 June 1619
at St Andrew Undershaft, London, England -
William Charke, 24 June 1620
Benjamin Charke, 17 June 1621
Marie Charke, 7 July 1622
Daniel Chark, 26 October 1623
Richard Charke, 16 January 1624
Sara Chark, 12 Feb 1625
Ezekiel Chark, 18 March 1626
John Chark, 18 May 1628
Thomas Chark, 6 December 1629
Rebecca Chark, 23 January 1630
Dorcas Chark, 24 June 1632

1631 (about); Will of Margaret Touller - St Martin, Ironmongerlane, widow; cousins Henry, Dan, Jn & Esay Vincent; cousins Henry Jackson, Thos Skynner, Ben Charke & Henry Burton; cousin Ezekiel Charke & his son Ezekiel; pasture in Westham, Essex; . . . Rebecca, Abigail & Jeremy Vincent; Sara & Thos Jackson; Wlm son of Ben Charke . . exec cousin Ben Charke; wtns Rob Mollen, Jn Wright & Rich Somersall
[source] Commissary Court of London; Will Abstracts Volume 26 (1629-1634);

1629 - Court Minutes of the East India Company. Half a hundred of pepper bestowed on Mr. Charke, an old servant, in regard he had not taken out his 9th, 10th, and 11th half capitals as they grew due, but had let them remain in the Company's hands.
[source] Notes from the records of the East India Company

1639 - Mr. Holloway reports concerning the supposed embezzlement of certain bags of pepper from the Company's warehouse in the Exchange, which have been found at a grocer's house in Southwark. Mr. Charke and the four porters, John Mathews, John Harding, Valentine Ellis, and John Hobson, questioned as to the said pepper ; the porters say it was carried away by William Sugar, a carman, at Mr. Chauncy 's direction, the bags being only marked with the number mark; further examination is referred until next Wednesday, when Mr. Chauncy will be in town.
misc note, 1654 - Valentine Ellis, who has been a porter at the Blue warehouse for the last thirty years and is now very sicke, is given ? from the poor-box.
[source] Notes from the records of the East India Company

1639 - Mr. Charke chosen to take Mr. Chauncy's place and keep the cellar warehouse in the Exchange ; and it being thought that Mr. Chauncy has not behaved as fairly as was expected, Messrs. Craddock and Francklyn are entreated to examine and report on his books of accounts, especially with regard to pepper received from the custom house.
[source] Notes from the records of the East India Company

1640 - John Webster's petition to be warehousekeeper with Mr. Charke at the Exchange cellar is denied.
[source] Notes from the records of the East India Company

1641 - Messrs. Markham and Sambrooke are desired to examine the books and what is remaining at Bantam and Surat upon the Joint Stock, and report next Wednesday if possible. All the stony pepper is sold to Mr. Benjamin Charke at 6 per lb.
[source] Notes from the records of the East India Company

1645 - Benjamin Charke is dismissed with a gratuity of 10, there being no further need for his services.
[source] Notes from the records of the East India Company

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Timeline of Records for Benjamin Charke; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2015.