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Will: Henry Cox

Chesterfield county Virginia; Will Book 21 page 63.

I Henry Cox of Chesterfield being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking all other or former wills made by me.

One. I desire the payment of all my debts.

Two. I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph E Cox all . . tract of land whereon I now reside lying in Sapony Creek with all the appurtenances together with all the stock of horses, cattle, sheep and hogs and all the plantation untensils of every description and also all the crop of corn, fodder, . . shucks and straw which may be thereon at the time of my death. To him the . . Joseph E and his heirs forever. In consideration of my son Joseph E having . . .much medical service to my family free of charge I also give to him my two negroes Phill and Alfred in all the household and kitchen furniture.

Three. Having already given to my son Jame H Cox his full proportion of my estate, desire that all the balance of . . negroes not above given away shall be . . four equal parts and , one share I give to my son Joseph E Cox, one to the three children of my late daughter, Elizabeth Howlett to be equally divided between them, one to my daughter . . Wooldridge and one to my daughter Mary Matilda Mann, to them and their heirs forever. Should however one or more of the children of my late daughter Elizabeth Howlett die without . . desire that the . . shall take what has been given to them, should all three die without leaving lawful heirs at their death, I desire that what has been gien . . shall be equally divided between my three children Joseph E Cox, Minerva A Wooldridge and Mary Matilda Mann to them and their heirs forever.

Four. I desire that all the money which may be in the house or in my possession at the time of my death . . equally divided between my Daughter Minerva A Wooldridge, Mary Matilda Mann and the three children of my late daughter Elisabeth Howlett and also all the crop of wheat and tobacco which may be on hand at the time of my death. The negro girl Susan which I loaned to my daughter Mary Matilda Mann to be returned at the time of my death free of hire and be divided as specified in the . . which is the general division.

It is to be understood that all the negroes which I have given to my various children are given in fee simple and that no . . have to them in the former part of this my will.

And lastly I appoint my two sons Joseph E and James H Cox Executors to this my last will and testament and my wish is that there shall be no appraisment of my estate and that no security shall be required of my executors for the faithful . . trust wherewith I have invested them. (no date given)

Henry Cox
Wit - William Goode Sr, W Wilkinson, William Worsham
Chesterfield Court 14 January 1856

[source] Transcribed from a copy of Henry Cox's Will; Chesterfield County Virginia Court Records, Will Book 21, page 63; note - very difficult to read.

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