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Bio: Christopher Denne and his wife Elizabeth Jones

In April of 1703, Peter Mathews, along with eleven other men, became the patentees of a large tract of land in Ulster (later Orange) county New York. It became known as the Wawayanda Patent. The other men were Dr John Bridges, Hendrick Ten Eycke, Derick Vandenburgh, John Cholwell, Christopher Denn, Lancaster Syms, Daniel Honan, Philip Rokeby, John Merritt, Benjamin Aske, and Cornelius Christianse. There is no clear indication that Peter Mathews is related to these other men. More likely, they were friends, neighbors, and associates. But, Christopher Denne (Denn) is of significant interest in our pursuit of understanding Peter Mathews. Does Christopher Denne, or his wife Elizabeth Jones, have a family relationship with the Peter Mathews family?

Christopher Denne of New York might be the son of Christopher Denne and Martha Milner, and the grandson of Michael Denne and Alice Nethersole, all of Canterbury, Kent county England. Further work is needed to provide proofs. According to records, Christopher Denne (sr) was born 1638 at Littlebourne in Kent county England, and was married to Elizabeth (Elizabeth Spicer, widow of Mister Winter) on 19 October 1673 in St Mary Bredin Church, Canterbury, Kent county England. The christening of several children follows: Mary Denne 1674, Elizabeth Denne 1677, and John Denne 1678. It seems likely that Christopher Denne (jr) of New York was born before 1673, and it is wondered whether he might be a child of an earlier marriage for Christopher Denne (sr). Some records suggest that he was first married to Martha Milner (Miller). Christopher Denne (sr) died in October 1691 and is buried at the Cemetery of St Mildred's Church in Canterbury, Kent county England.

1691; Christopher Denne, carpenter, son of Christopher Deene, carpenter.
[source] Roll of the Freeman of the City of Canterbury

1688; Christopher Denne, gentleman
1696; John Beaumont, gentleman
[source] List of the Sheriffs of Canterbury.

1683; Elizabeth Denne of Canterbury, spinster, daughter of Michael Denne late of Littlebourne, yeoman, deceased; will dated 11 June 1683; Soul to God, buried at the discretion of the executor; To Elizabeth Denne, Michael Denne, John Denne, Mary Denne and William Denne children of my late sister Alice Denne, 20 ... each at 21; To my nephew Joseph Pettit 20 ... at 21; Residue to my uncles Christopher Denne and James Blaxland they to be the executors; Witness: Mildred Manable, John ?axton.
[source] Norm Dennie, Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC 17/75/381, LDS Film # 0188976, Probate 18 June 1683.

1689, Dec 12; Warrant directed to John Beaumont, lieutenant of Dover Castle, to swear Vincent Denne, sergeant-at-law, unto the office of steward of the Court of Chancery for the Cinque Ports. [H.O. Military Entry Book 2, p. 68.]
[source] Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reign of William and Mary . . . Volume 1; H.M. Stationery Office, 1895.

1689-1691; John Beaumont (entry above) was the leader of the regiment in which Benjamin Fletcher and Peter Mathews served in Ireland.

[pam garrett's comment] Vincent Denne is probably the cousin of Christopher Denne of New York. When I first came across the name "Vincent" in the Denne family, I hoped to find a link to the family of Henry Vincent, leatherseller of London. I wondered if it might provide a further clue for relationships between the Mathews, Fletcher, and Vincent families. But, the Vincent name did not lead to any further evidence of relationship.

A note on Vincent Denne:
Vincent Denne (born about 1628, died October 1693) was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons in 1654 and from 1681 to 1685. Denne was the son of Thomas Denne, of Canterbury and his wife Susan Honeywood, daughter of Arthur Honeywood of Lenham. He became a sergeant-at-law. In 1656, Denne was elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Canterbury in the Second Protectorate Parliament. After the Restoration he was again MP for Canterbury from 1681 to 1685. Denne died in 1693 possessed of Denne Hill (county Kent). Denn married Mary Denne of Denne Hill and had four daughters.

1711; Abstract of the Will of Johanna De Bruyn (partial); Liber 7, page 603; Johanna De Bruyn. In the name of God, Amen. I, Johana De Bruyn, widow and sole executrix of John Hendrick De Bruyn . . . I leave to my third daughter, Johana Jamieson, all that tenement and dwelling house situate and lying over against the house in New York, where I now live, whereof Christopher Denne is the Present tenant, and lying between the tenement of Thomas Roberts on the west and Benjamin Blagge on the east, and from the street to the water side or Dock . . .
[source] Abstracts of the Wills in the Collections of the New York Historical Society.

1712; Christopher Denne set up residence in Ulster (later Orange) county New York.

1714; Blacknoe v Lynch; Plaintiffs: Edward Blacknoe, mealman of Hartford (creditor of Michael Denne, baker deceased late of London). Defendants: Joseph Denn and Christopher Denn, infants (by John Kellaway) John Lynch, esq, Justinian Champneis, esq and John Sawking, gent.
[source] National Archives, Kew; Reference: C 11/2343/24

1724-25; Abstract of the Will of Christopher Denne; Liber 10, page 25; written 21 September 1706; proved 6 February 1724-25; Christopher Denne New York carpenter; to wife Elizabeth, all my property in the Parish of St Wilfred, Canterbury, Kent, England and also the land of Wawayanda Patent, Orange co, NY and other properties. Witnesses: William Bradford, William Sharpas, J Stevens.
[source] Abstracts of the Wills in the Collections of the New York Historical Society.

[pam garrett's comment] I have not been able to identify a St Wilfred's Parish in Canterbury, Kent county England. I am wondering if the statement in Christopher Denne's (jr) Will should read St Mildred's, as this is the parish church where Christopher Denne (sr) is buried. St Mildred's is the only surviving pre-Conquest church within the city walls (Canterbury) and has been in continuous use since Saxon times. Highlights include a beamed roof dating from the 1300s, medieval woodcarvings and a font from 1420.

1729, April; Elizabeth Denn to Joseph Allison, Wit. Hannah Aster, Thomas Wright, Vincent Mathews; Book B, page 324.
[source] Abstracts of Deeds in Orange County New York.

1729; Elizabeth Denn to Wm Mapes, Southold, Otter and Denn Kill; Wit Vincent Mathews and Wm. Bull; Book B, page 325.
[source] Abstracts of Deeds in Orange County New York.

Consider whether this John Deane might be related to Christopher Denne:
1733; Abstract of the Will of John Deane; Liber 11, page 463; written 12 June 1730; proved 14 April 1733; John Deane of NY, mariner; wife Mary, son Christopher and other children not named, brothers Peter Delage and Henry Slydhorne; witnesses Peter Delage, Thomas Huddleston, Ester Delage.
[source] Abstracts of the Wills in the Collections of the New York Historical Society.

1735; Will of Elizabeth Denne (nee Elizabeth Jones); written 9 December; recorded 14 Jan 1736-37. In this database, see the Will of Elizabeth Denne.

People mentioned in the Will of Elizabeth Denne:
Elizabeth Denne; widow of Christopher Denne* of Orange county New York
Michael Denne; baker of London; brother of Christopher Denne
Mary Day; daughter of Michael Denne of London
Christopher Denne; son of Michael Denne of London
Thomas Jones (deceased); of Kent England; brother of Elizabeth Jones Denne
Sarah Jones; of New York; daughter of Thomas Jones
Mary Parker; daughter of Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones; son of Thomas Jones
Jonathan Jones; son of Thomas Jones
William Bradford Jr*; of New York; pewterer
Flora Mathews*, spinster
Elizabeth Sharpas
William Sharpas*
Vincent Matthews*; of Matthewsfield, Orange county New York
Isaac Van Hook; witness
Katharine Eustace [Catherine Mathews*]; witness
John Fred.; witness
*see individual entry in this Markham of Chesterfield database

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Further reading -
Denne of Kent and Sussex; A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland . . Volume 3; John Burke; Colburn, 1836.

Biography of Christopher Denne; written and compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2015.