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Timeline of Records: William Fletcher

1634; William Fletcher married Abigail Vincent at St Martin Pomeroy, London England
[source] Boyd's Marriage Index for London.

1638; Inhabitants of London
George Rooksbie; 15
William Fletcher; 18
Edmond Peaslie; 34
Thomas Tilslie; 15
Mr. Mathews; 18
Richard Finney; 8
-below, some distance away from William Fletcher, but still in St Lawrence Jewry Parish:
James Fletcher; 14
Widow Mathews; 9
Thos. Crane, Vicar
[source] Inhabitants of London in 1638; St Lawrence, Old Jewry;
[pam garrett's comment] I have included some of William Fletcher's near neighbors to show the proximity of a Mr Mathews, and a few names a little more distant.

1638; Probate Acts of 1638; John Vincent, of p. St. Martin, Ironmonger Lane, London, (merchant). Will 1163 Lee] pr. Nov. 15 my mother Dorcas Vincent, Henry Jackson, Thomas Cullymore, and William Flesher.
[source] Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Volumes 1-2; Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Prerogative Court, 1902.

1638; William Fletcher, son of William Fletcher, christened 13 March 1638 at St Lawrence Jewry, London England.
[source] Records of St Lawrence Jewry, London England; familysearch database.

1640; Benjamin Fletcher, son of William Fletcher, christened 14 May 1640 at St Lawrence Jewry, London England.
[source] Records of St Lawrence Jewry, London England; familysearch database.

1642, 19 Jul; Receipt by the Treasurers under the arrangement between the King and Parliament for 75 pounds from Wm Fletcher of London, clothworker. P Endd Ibid 122
[immediately following]
1642(?); 5 April, 6 April, 28 June; Same by same for 75 pounds from Thomas Harris, of London, grocer. P. Ibid 123.
Three of same by the same, in all for 475 pounds from Thomas Hutchins or Hutchings, of London, merchant. The receipt of 5 April mentions also the names of Thomas Harris, Wm Fletcher, and John Parrott. P 2/3 p 2/3 and p . The last of these three receipts is endorsed on the back of the first. Ibid 124, 125, 124a.

1643; William Fletcher slain before Gloucester and buried at the Collegiate Church there; Funeral Entry Ulster Office from St Lawrence (Jewry?), London England.
[source] Burkes General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, 1884.

1653, 19 July; Deposition by Christopher Webster, of Beckingham, in Kent, gentleman, aet 36 or thereabouts. He well knew Wm Flesher, of London, "linen draper", deceased, and Benjamin Flesher is his eldest son and heir. His father made no assignment by will of his Irish adventure. P Signed (Hol.) and certified and dated by Robt Aylett, Ibid. 238.
Certificate by Tibbs; Flesher's will does not bequeath his Irish adventure. It was proved 20 June 1645. P. 1.2; Signed (Hol.) Endd. Ibid 239.
Note by W Tibbs; He has perused the last will of Wm Fletcher, of Mitcham, in Surrey, dated 1 Dec 1653, and proved 14 Jan 1653-4. It contains no bequest of his Irish adventure. Wm Fletcher, of Mitcham, is the eldest son and heir of the said Wm Fletcher; P.1 Signed (Hol.) by Tibbs and with note that Wm Fletcher the elder was free of the company of clothiers; P. Endd. SP Ireland 291, 121
[source] Calendar of the State Papers Relating to Ireland: Adventures for land, 1642-1659, Volume 4.

1654, 1 Nov; Assignment by Thos Harris of London, grocer; He assigns 100 pounds, being part of a sum of 600 pounds subscribed for the Irish adventure by Thomas Hutchinson, of London, merchant, Wm Fletcher, of same, and himself - which 100 pounds has been allotted to him by the Committee of Claims - to John Sweeting of London, merchant. The lot has fallen in the barony of Rathconrath, co Westmeath. Usual covants. P 1; Signed before witnesses. Endd. Ibid 127
[source] Calendar of the State Papers Relating to Ireland: Adventures for land, 1642-1659, Volume 4.

FLETCHER (Low Bashir [Low Baskin], co Westmeath; Reg. Ulsters Office to Benjamin Fletcher, son and Heir of Col Benjamin Fletcher, Capt General and Gov in Chief of the province of New York...who was the son and heir of William Fletcher, Esq and Abigail Vincent, his wife, who was the daughter and heiress of Henry Vincent, esq of London)
Sa. a cross flory betw. four escallops ar. quartering VINCENT, viz, az. a chev. between three quatrefoils slipped ar. Crest--An arm in armour embowed holding in the gaunlet an arrow all ppr. point or. Motto-Per angustum.
[source] The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales: Comprising & Registry of Armorial Bearings from the Earliest to the Present Time; Bernard Burke; Harrison & Sons, 1864.

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