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Timeline of Records: Elizabeth Jobson

He [William Markham] married at least twice. The wife who survived him was named Joanna. She was not the mother of Markham's only child. When he married her, she was a widow with one daughter, Elizabeth [Jobson], who married 1st, Edward Robinson of Philadelphia, merchant, whose will was probated Nov, 4, 1699, and, 2nd, Jacob Regnier of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law, and dsp [died without issue] before Aug. 3, 1715. The widow Markham removed to New York City, where she died Oct. 4, 1726.
[source] The Provincial Councillors of Pennsylvania; Charles Penrose Keith, 1883.

[pam garrett's comment] More recent research suggests that Elizabeth Jobson may have first been married to James Metcalfe. Consider the very interesting work of researcher Tracy Hancock. Metcalfs of Maryland, Delaware, N.J., Lower Pennsylvania, And Washington, DC 1634-1850; Tracy Hancock, 2007.

1697; Will of James Metcalfe; written 11 June 1697; proved 26 October 1697 Barbados and 9 January 1698 in Philadelphia.
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1699; Will of Edward Robinson of Philadelphia, merchant, written 7 Sept 1699, proved 4 Nov 1699, B:467; Wife Elizabeth; Friend Lieut Col William Markham and his wife Joanna; Friends Wm Pritchett living in London and Mary Bradshour of Philadelphia, widow. Original will missing. Executor: Friend Samuel Robinson of Philadelphia, merchant - he died before the testator and the widow administered.
[source] Philadelphia County Pennsylvania Wills 1682-1819; database.
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1702; Of these original purchasers, only William Crews ever lived on his grant, receiving a 50 foot front in Chestnut Street for the making of Potter's work on 26 November 1688/9. According to research by Hannah Benner Roach, William Crews first erected a log structure on his lot, then constructed a two story brick house in the front of the homestead in 1690 (Toogood 2000:4-5). Crews expanded his landholding to 133.6 feet by purchasing an adjacent parcel in 1693, and operated a Pott house on this parcel until his death in 1695 (Philadelphia County Will Book A:314). From 1695 to 1702, his son John Crews continued making pots on this site until he sold the property to Jacob Regnier, a Frenchman who practiced law in New York City. After Regnier's death in 1715, his widow and executrix, Mrs. Elizabeth Markham Regnier, sold the property to eminent Philadelphia attorney Andrew Hamilton (Bronner 1982:51-52) on 3 October 1720 (Philadelphia Deed Book F-3:150)
[source] Archeological Background Study, Independence Mall, Philadelphia, 2006; prepared for the National Parks Service.

Jacob Regnier, son of James was born ca 1672 and died in Maryland in 1714. He was of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, England, when he married Anne Rayley on 18 Dec 1688 in St. James' Duke Place. In Oct 1699 he was admitted as an attorney before the Provincial Court. He was in Prince George Co., Maryland by 10 Aug 1702 when Edward and Ann Willett gave him power of attorney. In Aug 1702 he bought land from Edward Willett of PG Co. By April 1703 he m. Elizabeth [probably Jobson], widow of James Metcalfe and daughter of Joanna [Jobson] Markham.
[source] British Roots of Maryland Families; Robert Barnes, 1999.

1704; Letters from James Logan to William Penn, concerning the settlement of William Markham's Estate. See link below.

1707, Dec 27; Jacob Rigneir, Esq and Josiah Wilson; Description: One lot in town of Annapolis, formerly in possession of Henry Hill, east side of Shipwright street, numbered 67, laid out for acre. Regnier impowers W Bladen to be his attorney. Release of Dower for Elizabeth Regneir. Witnesses: Ellinoir VanSweringen, W Bladen, Emd. Benson.
[source] Abstracts of Land Records Anne Arundel County Maryland, Vol 2; Dodd and Bausell, 1997.

1707, Dec 30; Jacob Regnier, Gent. Of New York, appoints Amos Garrett, Maryland merchant, his lawful attorney, to sue and receive from Joseph Owens, Ann Arundel county, planter, and anyone else who is indebted to him. Signed: Ja: Regnier. Witnessed by Wornell Hunt, W TAYLOR, Charles Hilburne.
[source] Abstracts of Land Records Anne Arundel County Maryland, Vol 2; Dodd and Bausell, 1997.

1714; Will of Jacob Regnier; written 8 November 1714; proved 20 November 1714; Liber 8 page 363
Jacob Regnier of Lincolns Inn, England, Barrister at Law, now residing in New York. Entire estate to wife Elizabeth. She to pay 100 pounds to my brother Daniel Regnier.
[source] Abstracts of Wills from the Collections of the New York Historical Society.
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1715, March 31. Petition of Elizabeth Regnier, widow, for a warrant of survey for "all that one full moiety, or one half of a certain piece or parcel of land, lying under Bushwick, in Kings county, between Francis Titus and Jacob Bobine, called by ye name of Coycole farm; and also, one half of one other piece of meadow land, containing about 10 acres, lying between Peter Pral's land and Hannah Falcot's; and also, another piece of land at Bushwick, aforesaid, bounded eastward by the land of said Francis Titus, and westward by the town aforesaid, containing 14 acres," with . . . [source] Calendar of N.Y. Colonial Manuscripts, Indorsed Land Papers: In the Office of the Secretary of State of New York. 1643-1803; Weed, Parsons & Company, 1864.

1715; Will of Elizabeth Jobson Regnier; written 2 July 1715; proved 3 August 1715.
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1717; The Meserole family papers spans the period circa 1717 to 1915 and measure 2.1 linear feet. The collection includes a handwritten volume containing the Meserole family genealogy; a bill of sale for a sloop from Anson Benton to Abraham Meserole, 1816; and an oversized parchment documenting a legal decision regarding a land dispute over the Miserole family farm, Kyckout ("the Lookout"), in the Town of Bushwick (now the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn), circa 1717.
[source] Archive Collection, Brooklyn Historical Society.

1723 - 1725; Daniel Regnier and Johanna Markham Extrs. etc: Ver Jacob Moene; Be it remembered that Daniel Regnier and Joanna Markham Widdow Executors of the last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Regnier widow deceased late executrix of the last Will and Testament of Jacob Regnier Esq' deceased by Henry Wileman their attorney fyled their declaration . . .
[source] Select Cases of the Mayor's Court of New York City, 1674 - 1784.

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Metcalfs of Maryland, Delaware, N.J., Lower Pennsylvania, And Washington, DC 1634-1850; Tracy Hancock, 2007.

A Timeline of Records for Elizabeth Jobson; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2015.