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Will: Elizabeth Jobson Regnier

Will of Elizabeth Regnier, written 12 July 1715; proved 3 August 1715

In the name of God, Amen. I, Elizabeth Regnier, widow and executor of Jacob Regnier, late of New York, deceased, being sick and weak. I leave to the Rector and Inhabitants of New York, in communion of the Protestant Church of England as now established by law, all that my one-third of a certain parcel of land in Bushwyck, in Kings County, between the lands of Francis Titus and Jacob Bobine, called by the name of "Coycote Farm," otherwise "Prospect." And all that my one-half of a piece of meadow at Bushwyck containing 10 acres, lying between the lands of Peter Praa and Hannah Talcott. Also all that other piece of land, belonging to me in Bushwyck, bounded east by land of Francis Titus, and west by the farm aforesaid containing 14 acres. In trust that they permit the people of Bushwyck, in connection with said church, to erect on some convenient part of the said Coycote Farm a substantial edifice and structure for a chapel or church and free school. Which said church when built shall be called and known by the name of St. Jacob's Church, for the service of God according to the rites of the Church of England, and that a suitable minister be inducted therein. And to found a Free school to teach and instruct the children in reading the English tongue, and in the knowledge of their duty to God, I leave to my cousin Theodore Coleby, of London, Gent, 100. I leave to William and Johana, the children of Mrs. Mary Anne Brown, of Philadelphia, daughter of Colonel Markham, deceased, 1,000 acres of land in Pennsylvania, which was left to me by said Colonel Markham, and I remit to her the debt which my late husband paid for her to Mrs. Tench of Philadelphia. Leaves legacies to Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Wileman, Elizabeth, daughter of William Huddlestone, "my nurse Deliverance Galloway." To Trinity Church, 40. To French Church, 10. To Dutch Church, 5. To Christ Church in Philadelphia, 10. To Regnier Rushmore, nephew of Thomas Hicks, of Long Island. "My mother, Joana Markham," is made residuary legatee. Legacy to Dr. John Johnston. Makes her mother and her brother-in-law, Daniel Regnier, of London, Gent, executors.
[source] Long Island Wills and Death Notes 1708-1728;

Who are the people in Elizabeth Regniers Will?

Jacob Regnier
Jacob Regnier was the third husband of Elizabeth Jobson. He died in 1714 about one year prior to his wife's death in 1715.

Theodore Coleby - "cousin, gentleman of London"
Theodore Coleby (Colby, Colbey) has not been identified, but one interesting possibility has appeared - Theodore Coleby, organist at Exeter Cathedral in Devonshire 1665 - 1674. He is probably a generation early to be the cousin of Elizabeth Jobson Regnier. Four children of Theodore Colbey were christened at St Peter's Cathedral at Exeter - Dorothy Colbey (1667), John Colbey (1670), Mary Colbey (1671), and Thomas Colbey (1673). Two other children were born to a Theodore Colby and his wife Ann at St Dunstan in the West, London - Frederick George Colbey (1682), and Ann Colbey (1683). These last two could be grandchildren to the organist.
See more on Theodore Coleby #3867 in this database.
Also, in this database see the Letters of Hannah Penn 1722 and James Logan 1734, related to an unfulfilled land grant. They give helpful information on Theodore Coleby. See link below.

William and Johana Brown - "children of Mrs Mary Ann Brown, of Philadelphia . . "
William and Joana Brown were the children of Mary Ann Markham who married James Brown. William Brown probably died before reaching adulthood. See more on Joana Brown #3889 in this database.

Mary Ann Brown
Mary Ann Markham Brown was the step-sister of Elizabeth Jobson. See more on Mary Ann Markham Brown #3876 in this database.

Mrs Tench of Philadelphia (misc mention)
The identity of Mrs Tench is not certain, but she may be the wife of Thomas Tench, merchant and public servant of Anne Arundel county Maryland, who died in 1708. The family was associated with Philadelphia.

Elizabeth Wileman - "daughter of Henry Wileman"
Elizabeth Wileman was the daughter of Henry Wileman and Rachel VanBael. She was an infant when Elizabeth Jobson Regnier wrote her Will in 1715, and she was a young girl when Joanna Markham wrote her Will in 1726. Perhaps Elizabeth Jobson Regnier was godmother to Elizabeth Wileman. Henry Wileman acted as attorney for Joanna Markham, and was probably a family friend. Henry Wileman was a near neighbor to Vincent Mathews and John Markham in Orange county New York. He probably also maintained a home and office in New York City. Elizabeth Wileman was the second wife of Vincent Mathews. It is of interest that the Wileman family knew both Joanna Markham (wife of Gov Wiliam Markham) and the Markham and Mathews families in Orange county New York. But, it does not prove any relationship between the two different Markham families. See more on Henry Wileman #3705 and his daughter Elizabeth Wileman #3713 in this database.

Elizabeth Huddleston - "daughter of William Huddlestone"
William Huddleston was an early and noted schoolmaster in New York City, associated with the work of Trinity Church (Church of England). He hailed from Monk Force, Whitcheck Parish, in Cumberland county England. An interesting and extensive account of his work appears in, The Support of Schools in Colonial New York by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, Issue 56; William Webb Kemp, 1913.

Deliverance Galloway - "my nurse"
No clues found

Regnier Rushmore - "nephew of Thomas Hicks of Long Island"
It seems likely that Regnier Rushmore belongs to this family group, but he has not been identified. Thomas Rushmore (died c.1682), a Quaker, arrived on Long Island from Wales in 1658 . . He married Martha Hicks in Hempstead, N.Y., in 1659 . . [descendants] intermarried with members of some of Long Island's most notable families, including the Townsend, Hicks, Titus, Valentine, Post, Willets, and Willits families. - from the introduction to the Rushmore Family Collection at Hofstra University.
Capt Thomas Hicks lived in Queens county, Long Island New York where he served as Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. By 1698 he was living in the town of Flushing with his wife and children.

Dr John Johnson
Dr John Johnson appears in the Wills of many New York City citizens, including that of Joanna Markham (1726) and her daughter Elizabeth Jobson Regneir (1715).

Joana Markham (executor) - "mother"
Joanna's maiden name is not known. She married first Eben Jobson and had a daughter Elizabeth Jobson. She married secondly William Markham, and took on the bringing-up of his daughter Mary Ann Markham.

Daniel Regnier (executor) - "London, gentleman, brother-in-law"
Daniel Regnier is the brother of Jacob Regnier. At the time of Elizabeth Jobson Regnier's Will (1715)) he was living in London. He may have taken up residence in New York after he was left property by his brother and sister-in-law in 1714 and 1715. He is mentioned in 1725, along with Joanna Markham, in relationship to the estate settlements. He may be the same as: Will of Daniel Reynier of New York, gentleman - estate to kinswoman, Mary Sly. 18 Sep 1728; not signed, no witness; nuncupative.

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The Will of Elizabeth Jobson Regnier; prepared by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2015.