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Will: Elizabeth Jones Denne

Will of Elizabeth Denne; written 9 December 1735; recorded 14 January 1736-37; Liber 13, page 43.
[paragraphs added for easier reading]

In the name of God, Amen. I, Elizabeth Denne, of New York, widow and executrix of my late husband Christopher Denne, of Dennhill, in Orange County, being advanced years, but of sound mind.

I leave to Mary Day and Christopher Denne, children of Michael Denne, late of London, baker, who was the brother of my late husband, 50 pounds each. I leave to the said Christopher Denne my silver Tankard.

To William Bradford, Jr of New York, pewterer, 50 pounds.

To Flora Martlings [correction - Flora Matthews], spinster, 10 pounds and my walnet Secretaire.

To Sarah Jones, of New York, spinster, one of the daughters of my brother, Thomas Jones, late of Kent, England, 200 pounds and all my household goods.

To Mary Parker, another daughter of my brother, Thomas Jones, my silver mugg.

To Elizabeth Sharpas, 30 pounds. To her father, William Sharpas, 50 pounds as an acknowledgement of my affection for them.

I leave all the rest of my personal estate to my kinsfolk, Mary Parker, Thomas Jones and Jonathan Jones, children of my brother, Thomas Jones, deceased.

I leave to my said kinswoman, Sarah Jones and to Vincent Matthews, of Matthews field, in Orange County, all the lands and real estate not sold by me.

I make William Sharpas, Gent, executor.

Dated 9 Dec 1735. Witnesses: Isaac Van Hook, Katharine Eustace, John Fred. Proved 14 January 1736/37

Corrections to Abstracts of Wills, Volume 3:
Page 216 - 14 lines from top for Flora Martlings read Flora Matthews.
[source] Collections; New-York Historical Society; 1908.

People mentioned in the Will of Elizabeth Denne:
Elizabeth Denne; widow of Christopher Denne of Orange county New York
Michael Denne; baker of London; brother of Christopher Denne
Mary Day; daughter of Michael Denne of London
Christopher Denne; son of Michael Denne of London
Thomas Jones (deceased); of Kent England; brother of Elizabeth Jones Denne
Sarah Jones; of New York; daughter of Thomas Jones
Mary Parker; daughter of Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones; son of Thomas Jones
Jonathan Jones; son of Thomas Jones
William Bradford Jr; of New York; pewterer
Flora Mathews, spinster
Elizabeth Sharpas
William Sharpas
Vincent Mathews; of Matthewsfield, Orange county New York
Isaac Van Hook; witness
Catherine Mathews [Katharine Eustace]; witness
John Fred.; witness

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The Will of Elizabeth Jones Denne; prepared, with notes, by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2015.