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Bio for Walter Lenehan, from Notable Men of Tennessee, by John Allison, 1905.

Walter Lenehan, MD, of Nashville, Tenn., was born in that city in 1875. his parents being Stephen and Kate (Burgess) Lenehan, both natives of Tennessee, the father of Franklin, Williamson county, and the mother of Cornersville, Marshall county. Doctor Burgess [John William Burgess], a brother of Doctor Lenehan's mother [Kate Burgess Lenehan], is a distinguished member of the faculty of Columbia university. His great-grandfather [Dr John Edwards] was a famous physician in Tennessee and was one of the first residents of Cornersville, to which town he gave its name. Doctor Lenehan was educated in the public schools of Nashville, the private academy conducted by Doctor Wharton, and finished his primary education with Professor Wallace, of Nashville, by whom he was prepared for college. He entered Vanderbilt university in 1898 and remained for two years, taking a select scientific course; then entered the medical department, from which he graduated in 1901, and commenced practicing the same year in his native city, where he has met with a large degree of success. He is a member of the American Medical, Tennessee State, Tri-State and Middle Tennessee Medical associations; the Nashville Academy of Medicine, and the Davidson County Medical society. Doctor Lenehan is a close student of everything; pertaining to his profession, which marks him as the conscientious and progressive physician. It is to such men that the progress of the medical science is due. History contains no more exalted names than those of Hippocrates, Galen, Drelincourt, Abernethy, Harvey and Rush, all of whom practiced the healing art, and all worked their way to prominence in their profession by hard study and careful investigation. The more modern physician who emulates their example is worthy of patronage. Such a man is Dr. Walter Lenehan, whose large and constantly growing practice is evidence of his professional skill and personal popularity.

from Notable Men of Tennessee: Personal and Genealogical, with Portraits, Volume 1; John Allison; Southern historical association, 1905. note - bracketed names added by Pam Garrett

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Biography of Walter Lenehan; submitted by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2015.