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Timeline of Records: Francis Lewis and Elizabeth "Betsy" Markham

1794; Francis Lewis and Elizabeth Markham, daughter of V Markham. Surety Abner Crump, witnessed by Richard Crump.; 6 Jan 1794; Powhatan marriage register, pg 6.
[source] Marriages of Powhatan county Virginia, 1777 - 1830; Knorr.

1808; received of George a free man of color formerly the property of Richard Howlett now called George Howlett L100 for a Negro woman named Elcie and her child named Martha which was the property of Peter F. Archer and sold by me this day to satisfy an execution in favour of Francis Lewis from Powhatan County Court against said Archer which property was purchased by said George; rec 11 July 1808; signed J.R Bradley DS for Archd Walthall, shff.; 19 May 1808.
[source] Virginia Slaves Freed After 1782;; abstracted by Michael Nicholls and Lenaye Howard.

1818, 12 December; Resolved, as the opinion of this Committee, That the petition of Elizabeth Lewis, widow and administratrix of Francis Lewis, deceased, praying that a law may pass authorizing the sale of a tract of land, in the county of Powhatan, near Genito, of which the said Francis Lewis died seised, for the payment of his debts, is reasonable.
[source] Journal of the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia; General Assembly. House of Delegates; 1818.

1819, 3 March; Elizabeth Markham, I do certify that sometime in the later part of the year 1800 or the first part of the year 1801, my husband, Vincent Markham gave and delivered unto Ann E Lewis, now Ann E Callaway, in the presence of Cole Ricks Crump, a negro girl named Rachel, and that said Crump was called upon to witness the same and that said girl was raised by me for said Ann, and was put into her possession by me upon her marriage, given under my hand and seal this third day of Mar 1819 - Elizabeth Markham.
?attached] I Elizabeth Lewis do hereby certify that I frequently heard my husband, Francis Lewis say that he never considered the above mentioned negro girl Rachel his property, but the property of his daughter, Ann E Callaway, in virtue of a gift of her by my father, Vincent Markham, to said Ann, and that he always intended to remove any doubt of her being a gift from him to his said daughter, by a written expression of his belief and will to the contrary, given under my hand and seal this third day of March 1810. Elizabeth Lewis.
[source] Brief notes from Deeds of Powhatan county Virginia Circuit Court; 7-187.

1820 Census of Powhatan county Virginia; pg 30
Elizabeth Markham; 3m 18-28; 1f 0-10; 1f 10-16; 2f 16-26; 1f26-45; 1f 45+
note - 50+ slaves listed, household variously engaged in farming and manufacturing
[pam garrett's comment] Elizabeth Markham has the family of her daughter Elizabeth Markham Lewis, living with her in 1820 census. There are 3 male and 5 female young people.

1821, 20 September; Between Vincent M Lewis and Elizabeth Lewis, for $2000 from Elizabeth to Vincent; 2111 acres in Powhatan, land assigned to Vincent Lewis in the division of the estate of his late father, bounded by Callaway, Mary and Ellin Lewis.
[source] Deeds of Powhatan county Virginia; Circuit Court; 7-569.

1841-1859 Correspondence of Griswold and Claiborne of Richmond, Va., concerning the law practice of Herbert Augustine Claiborne (1819-1902) and Chauncey Goodrich Griswold - Lewis, Elizabeth (Markham)
[source] Claiborne Family Papers, 1665-1911. Section 41; Mss1 C5217 b 824-2,170.

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Timeline of Records for Francis Lewis and Elizabeth "Betsy" Markham; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.