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George Markham was probably born about 1798 in Chesterfield county, Virginia. He was the son of George Markham and his second wife, Mary Hardiway Osborne. He was still a toddler when his father died in December of 1800. His younger brother arrived a few weeks after his father's death, leaving his widowed mother with a household of four young children, and several older step-children. It is not known exactly how she coped with her new position but her own four youngsters seem to have grown up in close relationship to one another.

In May of 1820, when George Markham was about twenty-two years of age, he married Anne Finney in Amelia county, Virginia. She was the daughter of Rev John Finney and Ann 'Nancy' Crawley of Amelia county Virginia. George Markham's cousin, also named George Markham, had married Anne Finney's step-sister, Fanny Taylor Garland, just two years before. The young couple set up housekeeping on his father's plantation in Chesterfield county Virginia. An extra young man is listed with them in the census of 1820. He is probably one of George Markham's brothers. His sister, Martha Markham, was already married to Henry W Robertson and his two brothers would marry the next year.

By 1830, three of the four Markham siblings were established on what may have been their father's property in Chesterfield county Virginia and were about the business of farming and raising families. The other brother, Francis O Markham, was in nearby Powhatan county Virginia. His young wife has recently died leaving him with two or three small children. It was around this time that the family dynamics began to change. In 1827 the three Markham brothers had sold out their father's Mill to their brother-in-law, Henry W Robertson. This was followed by several exchanges of property. After the death of Francis O Markham's wife, he removed to Mecklenburg county Virginia, then on to Tipton county Tennessee. George Markham's family may have followed this same, or a similar course. George Markham and his wife Ann Finney, sold their family homestead to their brother-in-law, Henry W Robertson in 1833. Records mention that their son, John Finney Markham, was 'converted' at Farmville Prince Edward county Virginia in 1837. George Markham then appears in the 1840 census of Fayette county Tennessee. The two Markham brothers settled near the border of Tipton and Fayette counties in Tennessee. George Markham must have operated a fair-sized farm with fourteen slaves he seems to have brought from Virginia.

Tracing the children of George Markham and Ann Finney has not been easy. To begin with, they are incorrectly placed in Liddie River's 1898 Markham genealogy, where the children of George Markham and Ann Finney are attributed to George Markham and Mary Osborne. In the 1830 census of Fayette county Tennessee George Markham and Ann Finney are shown with two male children and three female children in the household. By 1840, also in Fayette county Tennessee, there are four male children and five female children. These nine children may not all belong to them. Six children have been identified, born between 1821 and 1836: John Finney Markham, George Crawley Markham, Mary Osborne Markham, Ann Frances Markham, Martha Jane Markham, and William Markham.

It may have been shortly after the 1840 census was taken that George Markham moved his family to the area near Panola and Marshall counties of Mississippi. By August of 1841, George Markham was dead. His wife, Ann Finney Markham, was appointed as his administrator in August 1841, and neighbors were given the task of appraising his estate in October 1842.

In the 1845 State census for Panola county Mississippi there is an A Markham. This may be Ann Finney Markham. We know that sometime before 1850 she was remarried to a Mr Harris, probably John Wesley Harris of Panola county Mississippi. And, we know that she was widowed for a second time before 1850.

Information on John Wesley Harris, the speculative second husband of Ann Finney Markham, may eventually provide further clues. John Wesley Harris was born in 1793 in North Carolina, the son of Rowland Harris and Elizabeth Kimball. He was first married to Nancy Arnold Moss in 1816 in Randolph county North Carolina. They eventually removed to the area around Panola and Lafayette counties in Mississippi. Their children included: Jane Harris, George Harris, Martha Fletcher Harris (m. Thomas Allen), Thomas Leroy Harris (m. Madeline Jane Craig), John R Harris, Richard C Harris, and Sarah JD Harris (m. Thomas Allen). Nancy Moss Harris died in 1842 in Lafayette county Mississippi and it may have been a few years after that John W Harris married Ann Finney Markham. Combining the two families would have made a large household as many of their children were still minors. But, the marriage was short-lived. John Wesley Harris died on 3 Mar 1847 in Panola county Mississippi. There are several records in neighboring Lafayette county Mississippi related to the guardianship of his children. But, no clear record has been found linking him to Ann Finney Markham.

In the 1850 census of Panola county Mississippi, Ann Harris appears with five of her Markham children. Her son George C Markham, age 25, is head of the household. Her oldest son, John Markham, age 29, is shown as a school teacher. Two of the Markham children, George Crawley Markham and Martha Jane Markham, eventually established homes and familes in Panola county Mississippi. The oldest son, John Finney Markham, was ordained a minister of the Methodist Episcopal church and served a number of congregations around northern Mississippi. Mary Osborne Markham, Ann Frances Markham and William Markham have not been accounted for. Ann Finney Markham Harris died in 1859. She was buried in Orwood Cemetery, on the county line of Panola and Lafayette counties in Mississippi. Her gravestone reads: Mrs Ann Harris, daughter of John and Ann Finney born 11 Aug 1799 in Virginia died 5 Jun 1859.

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Bio for George Markham; written by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.