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Timeline of Records: George Markham and Ann Finney

Anne Finney and George Markham; May 1820; Amelia county Virginia.
[source] Early Virginia Marriages; Crozier.

1820 Chesterfield County Virginia; pg 214; George Markham; 2m 18-28; 1f 16-26; 13 slaves (engaged primarily in agriculture)

1827; Francis O Markham and Emily, George Markham and Ann, Vincent Markham and Obedience all sell out their interest in the Markham Mill in Chesterfield co, Va to Henry W Robertson; Book 26, page 736; 1827.
[source] Deeds of Chesterfield County Virginia (abstracts).

1830 Census of Chesterfield county Virginia; pg 468; George Marckram; 1m 0-5; 1m 5-10; 1m 30-40; 2f 0-5; 1f 5-10; 1f 20-30; 10 slaves; note - living next door to his brother Vincent Markham.

1833; In 22 May 1833 George and Ann Markham sell out their home place to Henry Robertson; Book 29, page 36 and Book 29, page 283.
[source] Deeds of Chesterfield County Virginia (abstracts).

1834; Henry Robertson and Martha Markham his wife, convey to George Markham of Amelia co, Va slaves as per an agreement made in 1810 prior to the marriage of Robertson and Markham; Book 29, page 604; 1834.
[source] Deeds of Chesterfield County Virginia (abstracts).

1840 Census of Fayette county Tennessee; #153; George Markham; 1m 0-5; 1m 10-15; 2m 15-20; 1m 40-50; 1f 0-5; 2f 5-10; 1f 10-15; 1f 15-20; 1f 30-40; 14 slaves.

1840; George Markham of the first part and Hamilton Thornton for the second part and Wm Crain of the third part all of the County of Marshall and state of Mississippi. . . George Markham stand indebted to William Crain for four hundred dollars, due 25 Dec 1841 (and yearly until 1845) . . security North West quarter of Section 28 of Township one and Range one West of the bases Meridian of the Chickasau . .; George Markham, H Thornton, Wm Crain; Wit - A G Goodwin, Henry A Rives; Hamilton Thornton to George Markham in trust for the benefit of William Crain, H546; 27 July 1840.
[source] Marshall county Mississippi Deeds, from film at the Family History Library.

1841; Ann Markham, widow, was appointed administratrix of the estate of George Markham, deceased, with Lycurgus Cage and Albert G Goodwin as securities. George H Wyatt, James R Houston and Henry A Rives were appointed appraisers of the estate; 23 Aug 1841.
[source] Marshall County Mississippi Probate and Will Records, by Wiltshire.

1842; William Grider, William W Tucker and James Taylor were appointed to appraise the estate of George Markham deceased; 25 Oct 1842.
[source] Marshall County Mississippi Probate and Will Records, by Wiltshire.

1842; Inventory of the estate of George Markham, deceased; November 1842.
[source] Marshall County Mississippi Probate and Will Records, by Wiltshire.

1850 Census of Panola county Mississippi; family #311
George C Markham; 25 (1825) Virginia; farmer
Ann Harris; 50 (1800) Virginia
John A Markham; 29 (1821) Virginia; school teacher
Ann F Markham; 22 (1828) Virginia
Martha J Markham; 20 (1830) Virginia
William Markham; 14 (1836) Virginia

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Timeline of Records for George Markham and Ann Finney; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for Markham of Chesterfield website; 2014.