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Bio: Timeline of Records: Joanna Jobson Markham (maiden name is unknown)

He [William Markham] married at least twice. The wife who survived him was named Joanna. She was not the mother of Markham's only child. When he married her, she was a widow with one daughter, Elizabeth, who married, 1st, Edward Robinson of Philadelphia, merchant, whose will was probated Nov. 4, 1699, and, 2nd, Jacob Regnier of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law, and dsp [died without issue] before Aug. 3, 1715. The widow Markham removed to New York City, where she died Oct. 4, 1726.
[source] The Provincial Councillors of Pennsylvania; Charles Penrose Keith 1886.

1683-84; St James, Dukes Place, January, 24; Will. Markham, w., and Joanna Johnson, w., John Brooks.
[source] London parish registers. Marriages at St. James's, Duke's place, from 1668 to 1837.
note- Joanna Johnson should be Joanna Jobson, widow.

1699; Will of Edward Robinson, Philadelphia. Merchant; written September 7, 1699; proved November 4, 1699. B. 467; Wife Elizabeth. Friend Lieut. Cor. William Markham and his wife Joanna. Friends Wm. Pritchett living in London and Mary Bradshour of Philadelphia., widow. [Original missing.] Executor: Friend Samuel Robinson of Philadelphia., merchant. [He died before the testator and the widow administered.] Witnesses: Charles Sober, Robert Webb, Thomas Clarke.
note - Edward Robinson was married to Elizabeth Jobson, daughter of Eben Jobson and Joanna; stepdaughter of William Markham.

1703; Decedent William Markham Philadelphia Esquire 1703; 1704 Remarks: William Markham of Philadelphia. Esqire. December 13, 1703. Daughter Ann Brown and her sons James and William. Daughter-in-law Elizabeth Regnier. Executrix: Wife Joanna.
[source] Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1819; database.

1704; William Markham died on 12 Apr 1704 and James Logan wrote: 'Poor honest Colonel Markham, this morning ended a miserable life by a seasonable release in a fit of his old distemper, which seized his vitals. He had a military funeral, the militia turned out to bury him very honorably, like a soldier'.

1704; Letters from James Logan to William Penn, concerning the settlement of William Markham's Estate.(see link below)

1712; Joanna Markham vs Thomas Whitehead.
[source] From Privileges to Rights: Work and Politics in Colonial New York City; Simon Middleton, 2011.

1723; Will of Isabella Clubb; Philadelphia. Widow. June 17, 1723. Son Richard. Sisters Catherine, Jane, Margaret and Sybella. Susanna Harwood, widow, Katherine Gatchell, Widow Andrews, Mary Prigg, Widow Markham, Nurse Shaw, Widow Morgan, Old Everet, Mrs. Lock, Peter Evans, Servant Catherine Dickinson. This will contains a clause showing that Peter Evans qualified as executor before Samuel Bushill. Executors: John Kearsly and Peter Evans; D - 364.
[source] Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1819; database.

[pam garrett's comment] Isabella Clubb was the widow of Rev John Clubb, who served Old St David's Church in Radnor, Delaware county Pennsylvania. Radnor was primarily settled by Welshmen, and St Davids was a Church of England congregation. Rev Clubb was sent out by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts and he also served Old Trinity Church, located about 20 miles to the east in Oxford (now part of Philadelphia). John Clubb died about 1718, and was followed in service at Radnor by Dr Evan Evans.

1723, July 2 (thru 1725, August 11); Daniel Regnier and Johanna Markham Extrs. etc: Ver Jacob Moene; Be it remembered that Daniel Regnier and Joanna Markham Widdow Executors of the last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Regnier widow deceased late executrix of the last Will and Testament of Jacob Regnier Esq' deceased by Henry Wileman their attorney fyled their declaration ...
[source] Select cases of the Mayor's Court of New York City: 1674-1784, Volume 2; Richard Brandon Morris (editor), 1935.

1726; Joanna Markham, widow of Capt William Markham (former Lt Gov of Pa) died in NYC 4 Oct.
from the New York Gazette dated 10 Oct 1726.
[source] Genealogical Data from Colonial New York Newspapers; Scott

1726; Will of Joana Markham; written 3 Oct 1726; proved 15 Oct 1726; Liber 10 pg 354; Collections of the New York Historical Society - Abstracts of Wills.

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