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Will: Joanna Jobson Markham (maiden name is unknown)

Will of Joana Markham; written 3 October 1726; proved 15 October 1726; New York

In the name of God, Amen. I, Joana Markham, of New York, widow. I give to the use of Trinity Church in New York, 150 pounds, to be employed for the teaching of Poor Children in New to read; To Mrs. Mary Bathurst, my niece, in England, 200 pounds; To my daughter in law [stepdaughter] Ann Brown, of New York, widow, 150 pounds; and to her daughter, Joanna Brown, 50 pounds; To my God daughter, Susanah Hickman, 40 shillings; To Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Wileman, 10 pounds. To Mrs. Byvanck, widow at the next door, and to the wife of Rev. William Vesey, and to Mrs. Catharine Evans, each a gold ring of the value of a Pistole. To Titus, a mulatto boy of Dr. Johnson, 20 shillings. All the rest to my daughter in law [stepdaughter] Ann Brown, who is executor.
October 3, 1726. Witnesses, John Dupuy, Rebecca Fell, J. Wileman. Proved, October 15, 1726.

[source] Publication Fund Series, Volume 26; New York Historical Society, 1894.

Who is in the Will of Joana Markham?

Mrs Mary Bathurst - "my niece in England"
Mary Bathurst might be a daughter of one of Joanna Markham's siblings, or the word "niece" could represent a different relationship. The title "Mrs" suggests that Mary Bathurst is married, so we don't have her maiden name. Her maiden name may, or may not, be the same as Joanna Markham's unknown maiden name.
I suspect that this marriage represents "Mrs Mary Bathust":
Mar 1688-89; Villars Bathurst, b., & Mary Coleby, s., Richard Baylie.
[source] London parish registers. Marriages at St. James's, Duke's place, from 1668 to 1837; Phillamore, 1900.
See more on Mary Coleby #3769 in this database.

Ann Brown - "my daughter in law"
Mary Ann Markham Brown is actually the step-daughter of Joanna Markham. She is the daughter of William Markham and his first wife Ann Wright. See more on Mary Ann Markham Brown #3876 in this database.

Joanna Brown - daughter of Ann Brown
Joanna Brown is the step-granddaughter of Joanna Markham. She is the daughter of James Brown and Mary Ann Markham. She was probably in her twenties when Joanna Markham died. See more on Joana Brown #3889 in this database.

Susanah Hickman - "my God daughter"
[speculation] Robert Hickman was born about 1670, and resided at Bromham in Wiltshire England. He removed to New England, where he became involved in "piracy", and was arrested, along with James Brown, about the year 1700. He was involved in the piracy trials in England around that time. Robert Hickman may have first married Dorothy Tatham about 1700. There is an interesting story of their elopement and her consquent disownment by her father John Tatham. Robert Hickman was married to Susannah Deforest in 1703. She was the only surviving child of John Deforest and Susannah Varlet.
Robert Hickman and Susannah Deforest had at least two children, Mary Hickman who married William Crillin, and Susannah Hickman who married William Heysham. I suspect that Susannah Hickman was the god-daughter of Joanna Markham. See more on Robert Hickman #3763 in this database.

Elizabeth Wileman - daughter of Henry Wileman
Elizabeth Wileman was the daughter of Henry Wileman and Rachel VanBael. She was an infant when Elizabeth Jobson Regnier wrote her Will in 1715, and she was a young girl when Joanna Markham wrote her Will in 1726. Perhaps Elizabeth Jobson Regnier was godmother to Elizabeth Wileman. Henry Wileman acted as attorney for Joanna Markham, and was probably a family friend. Henry Wileman was a near neighbor to Vincent Mathews and John Markham in Orange county New York. He probably also maintained a home and office in New York City. Elizabeth Wileman was the second wife of Vincent Mathews. It is of interest that the Wileman family knew both Joanna Markham (wife of Gov Wiliam Markham) and the Markham and Mathews families in Orange county New York. But, it does not prove any relationship between the two different Markham families. See more on Henry Wileman #3705 and his daughter Elizabeth Wileman #3713 in this database.

Mrs Byvanck - "widow at the next door"
There was a large Dutch family by name Byvanck in Colonial New York. It would be difficult to determine which widow Byvanck was living next door to Joanna Markham.

Mrs Vesey - "wife of Rev William Vesey"
William Vesey served as rector of Trinity Church in New York City. He married Mary Reade, daughter of Lawrence Reade in 1698. Their home was at 62 Pine Street in New York City. William Vesey died in 1746, and in his Will he mentions his wife Mary, but no children. It has been noted that Mary Reade Vesey was secondly married to Daniel Horsemandan. See more on William Vesey #3752 in this database.

Mrs Catharine Evans
Is Catherine Evans the same as Catherine McGregorie, wife of Capt John Evans? He received a large patent in Orange county New York, which was later withdrawn? See more on John Evans #3711 in this database.
I have also considered whether Catherine Evans might be connected to the family of Rev Evan Evans of Pennsylvania, but I do not find the name Catherine in that well researched family group.

Titus - "the mulatto boy of Dr Johnson"
Unable to find any mention of Titus, who lives in the Johnson household. Dr John Johnson appears in the Wills of many New York City citizens, including that of Joanna Markham in 1726 and her daughter Elizabeth Jobson Regneir in 1715.

John Dupuy - witness
Not certain which John Dupuy this is. Seems likely that it is Dr John Dupuy who married Anne Valleau in 1692 New York City. According to his 1744 Will, he had a farm in Orange county New York, and the "little garden" mentioned in his Will was located on Pine Street in New York City.

Rachel Fell - witness
Rachel Fell has not been identified. She may be connected to a large Quaker family named Fell in Bucks county Pennsylvania. She may be connected to Thomas Fell, gentleman who was noted as Freeman of the City of New York in March of 1714.

J. Wileman - witness
This might be John Wileman, son of Henry Wileman and brother to Elizabeth Wileman, mentioned above.

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Will of Joanna Jobson Markham (maiden name is unknown); prepared by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2015.