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Bio: Fletcher Mathews

Fletcher Mathews appears in New York records between 1710 and 1714. Mathews family researchers have long identified him as the son of Peter Mathews and his wife Bridget. This is likely to be correct, but it seems worthwhile to consider whether he might be a brother to Peter Mathews, rather than a son.

Peter Mathews, in this database, is credited with being born between 1660-1670. Fletcher Mathews was accused of assault in 1710, and was identified as an officer in Peter Mathews' company of fusileers in 1711. These items would suggest that Fletcher was, at the least, eighteen years of age by 1710. More likely he would be in his early twenties. So, we might suggest a birth year for Fletcher Mathews between 1685-1690. That, in turn, might place Peter Mathews' birth year closer to the 1660 date.

The name Fletcher, appearing at this point in the Mathews family, gives strength to the idea that the Mathews and Fletcher families are related. Fletcher Mathews probably died as a young man, perhaps even before the 1719 death of Peter Mathews. In 1721, when Bridget Mathews dies, she names Vincent Mathews as her "only son".

Did Fletcher Mathews leave a son named Peter? Is this younger Peter Mathews the same as the grandson mentioned in Bridget Mathews 1721 Will - ". . . I give to my grandson, Peter Matthews, my late husband's silver watch, and his writing desk, which now stands in my parlor . . ."? See further discussion on this topic in the sketch titled – Thoughts on a Father for Peter Mathews (jr).

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Biography of Fletcher Mathews; written by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for John Markham of Chesterfield website; 2015.