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Timeline of Records: Fletcher Mathews

1703; Census of City of New York 1703
Capt Matthews; 1 female, 3 male children, 2 female children, 1 female negro, 1 male negro child.
[source] Early New York State Census Records; Meyers, 1965.

1710; Douw Aukens of Schenectady complains of Captain Fletcher Mathews "for an assault on his wife, and committing various outrages in his house"; 18 Nov 1710; note - Marriages of Albany - 1685 04 Feb; Douwe Aukens, ym of Schenegtade; Maria Vile, wid Mathys Vroman, of New Amsterdam.
[source] Calendar of Historical Manuscripts in the Office of the Secretary of State, Albany, New York; pg 376.

a note on Douw Aukens (Douwe Aukes) - Douwe Aukes immigrated to America in 1663, age twenty-four, and set up as an innkeeper in Schenectady, New York. In 1685 he was married to Maria Vile (Viele), a widow. Maria and her children were killed in the Schenectady Massacre of 1690. Aukes was a freeman of Schenectady, and served as Justice. It is recorded that he died there in 1733. This would suggest that he was well into his nineties. It is wondered if the Douw Aukens mentioned in the 1710 record might have been a descendant, or relative of this earlier man. Learn more from "Viele, 1659-1909: Two Hundred and Fifty Years with a Dutch Family of New York"; TA Wright, 1909 (available through googlebooks).

1711; Names of the officers formed out of the four companies of Independent Fusileers
(of the Colonels Company)
Richard Ingoldsby, Esq - Colonel and Captain
Fletcher Mathes - Captain Lieutenant
John Collins - Lieutenant
of the Lieutenant Colonels Company
James Weems, Esq - Lieutenant Colonel and Captain
Archibald Kennedy - Adjutant
Martin Groundman - quartermaster
Alexander Blackhall - Lieutenant
Archibald Kennedy - Lieutenant
of the Majors Company
Peter Mathews - Major and Captain
John Tatham - Lieutenant
Charles Huddy
note - several other companies follow, naming Captains John Riggs, Lancaster Symes, Henry Holland, Richard Brewer, Philip Schuyler
[source] Annual Report, Volume 2; New York State Historian; Wynkoop, Hallenbeck Crawford Co., State Printers, 1898.

1711, April 19; Canada Expedition Accounts From - An Accompt taken from the Invoices of the stores imported to New York in the three Transports Ships [The Mary Joseph Neptune] hereafter named sent in the year 1711 for the use of the Expedition against Canada; Robert Hunter, governor.
Shows service of Col. Ingoldsbys Regiment
Capt De Milts Company
Lieut Selwyn, Capt Straghans Company
Lieut Bagley, Capt Whiteheads Company
Lieuts Helling Gee, Have, Buckhurst Batten Dongan
Gerrit Viele
Coll Riggs His Excellency's Company
Capt de Key
Lieut Mathews
Capt Boyle, Westchester Company
Lieut Hall Suffolk County Company
Capt. Talmash Suffolk County
Capt, Whitehead, Lieuts Hall, Bagley & Loff, Lieuts Lion and Campbell Capts Rudyard and Harrison Lieutenant Banks. Mr Braine Chirurgeon.
[source] Annual Report, Volume 3; New York State Historian; Wynkoop, Hallenbeck Crawford Co., State Printers, 1898.

1711; Receipt to Peter Mathews, Fletcher Mathews, and Jno Tatham, for the subsistence of the company of fusiliers "of which they are the officers."; 30 April 1711.
[source] Calendar of Historical Manuscripts in the Office of the Secretary of State, Albany, New York; page 195.

1714, 24 April; Officers for the City and County of Albany Militia; extensive list includes -
Peter Mathews Capt
Lieuts, died febry ye 14th, promoted febry ye 14th
Charles Oliver
Fletcher Mathews
John Thatham
Thos Garland
also Sergts, Corplls, Drums
Centinells (Private Soldiers)
Vincent Mathews
Mustered then in the Independt Compy of Fuzileers whereof Coll Peter Mathews is Capn under the command of his Excelly Robt Hunter Esq Captn Genll and Govr in Chiefe of her Majesties province of New York and the Capt Three Lieuts three Sergts Three Corplls Two Drums and one hundred private Centinels The officers Servts included This muster being for fifty nine dayes beginning the twenty fifth of February and ending the twenty fourth of April Both dayes Inclusive 1714
P Schuyler, KV Renselaer, Robt Livingston Jr, Peter Mathews, Fletcher Mathews, Thomas Garland.
(similar muster report appears for the months of June through August 1714)
[source] Annual Report, Volume 2; New York State Historian; Wynkoop, Hallenbeck Crawford Co., State Printers, 1898.

1714; Military Oath to the King: Fletcher Mathews Lt of Col Mathews company of Fuzileers 3 Nov 1714.
[source] New York City Court Records 1684-1760; Kenneth Scott 1982.

1714; 7 December; Fletcher Mathews, Gentleman
[source] The Burghers of New Amsterdam and the Freemen of New York. 1675-1866, Volume 18; New York Society, 1886. Google eBook.

1717; Will of Peter Matthews; Col Peter Matthews, of the city of Albany, being of sound and perfect mind. I leave to my dear and affectionate wife Bridget, all estate, after payment of debts and funeral expenses, and I make her my sole executor. Signed and sealed in New York; 1 May 1717. Wit: Robert Lurting, William Sharpas, Gerard Clows; Proved 27 June 1719.
[source] Collection of the New York Historical Society; Liber 9, page 79.

1721; Will of Bridget Matthews; In the name of God, Amen. I, Bridget Matthews, of New York, widow. I give to my grandson, Peter Matthews, my late husband's silver watch, and his writing desk, which now stands in my parlor, I leave to my only son, Vincent Matthews, 5 pounds over and above what I shall hereinafter leave to him. Whereas my late husband did give to my son Vincent at his marriage, a considerable sum of money, as part of his portion: now I equalize the said sum unto each of my other two children, which was my husband's intention. I do give to my eldest daughter Catherine, a negro girl and to my daughter Flora, my negro girl named Dinah, and my negro boy called Galloway. I leave to my two daughters all my wearing apparel and jewels and household stuff, except the plate. All the rest of my estate I leave to my son Vincent and my two daughters Catherine and Flora. And whereas my daughters have some small pieces of plate, and other small wares, which have hitherto been given them, they are to enjoy the same without any contradiction. I make my three children executors; dated 8 Jan 1721. Witnesses, Joseph Wright, William Sharpas, John Chambers. Proved 27 Jan 1722(?)
[source] Collection of the New York Historical Society; Book 9, pg 282.

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