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Will: Francis Smith

Will of Francis Smith; written 12 May 1833
Chesterfield county Virginia Probate Records; Book 12, pg 505; FHL film #30877

In the name of God Amen. Being in good health but old and not expecting to live long of body make my last will and testament.

It is my will and desire that any whole estate, both real and personal, be sold in a .. of twelve months to the highest bidder, taking care to secure the purchase money and that the amount after paying my debts be divided among my children and grandchildren, the last taking... except my sons Frank and Lewis and the children of my daughter Katy M Spiller, they being in good circumstances require no donation from me. That part of my estate that would on an equal division of it fall to my son Frank, I give to my daughter Becky Smith and her heirs forever, in addition to her equal and proper share in my estate and that part of my estate that would on an equal division of it, fall on my son Lewis Smith, I give to the children of my son Joseph Smith... one half to my daughter Sarah Roddy, the other half to them and their heirs forever in addition to their proper share of my estate, so taken by my other children. That part of my estate that will fall .. to the children of my son Joseph Smith. I wish.... my executors in the purchase of Bank stock of the Bank of Virginia in the name and for the benefit of said children, the dividends as they ... to be applyed to their education in equal proportions and as they have issue or come to seventeen years of age, that each draw one third. In case all the children of my son Joseph should die before they come of age or have issue, it is then my will that the estate that hereby descends to them, go to my daughter Sarah Roddy and her heirs forever, if she is then a widow, ... it be divided among my children by my last info....

I give Patty and her increase to my grandaughter Kitty Findley and her heirs forever, which property she has received.

I give my watch to my son Lewis Smith and I give him nothing else.

I have heretofore given to each of my children two negroes, a man and woman, and whether those negroes were equal in value or not is immaterial. They are not to be bought into Hotch pot(?), they nor their increase, nor are they to be accounted for in any way, but several of my children, to wit: Ballard, William and Sally have at various times received from me a slave or slaves over and above... each aforesaid and money as well appears by my case or notes given by them. It is my will and I require that each of my children last aforesaid account for and pay to my estate what they may so owe before they take any part of my estate, but it is my will and desire and I so direct that if the share of the proceeds of my personal estate that my daughter Sarah Roddy is entitled to will not pay and discharge her debts as due to my estate then it is my will that the balance be... to her and go uncollected, it is my intention that her interest in the proceeds of my real estate .. of what my real estate sells for shall not in any way be responsible for said debt nor shall her own property made....her husband's death be in any way responsible for said debt. It is my further will that neither my children or grandchildren pay anything for living with me at any time and I hereby release to them any claim whatever on that head... My will is that whatever ready money I may have in my house at the time of my death may be divided equally between my daughter Sally, my daughters Becky and Sally and that said money so divided to my daughter Sally not be responsible in any way for the debt aforesaid due from her to my estate.

I appoint my friends Samuel Taylor of Manchester and Frank and Will Smith, Executors of my will revoking all other wills. Given under my hand this 12th day of Mar 1833.
Francis Smith

witnesses (difficult to read): Thomas Jordan, AH Goff, AM Royall, Anderson Salle, William Gray, BB Winfee in Chesterfield county court 13 May 1833.

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