Markham of Chesterfield
      Ancestors and Descendants of John Markham

How can I share my family information?

Your data, photos, and stories will be welcome additions to the website. High quality photocopies, scans, or digital images will be easiest to work with. Stories, letters, biographies typed in Microsoft Word will also simplify the sharing process. If you need to send original items such as photographs or charts, they can be scanned by the site-coordinator and returned to you.

If you can share family information, please Contact Pam.

Items that you could share:

  • Stories, letters, biographies of the Markham and allied families.

  • Genealogy charts, pedigrees, descendant lists.

  • Photographs of Markham and allied family members.

  • Obituaries and other newspaper clippings of interest.

  • Tombstone pictures and cemetery information.

  • Photographs of family heirlooms and treasures.

  • Scans of family documents; ie. Marriage license, deeds, Wills, military records, etc.

  • History articles that help us better understand:
    how our ancestors lived, worked, or played
    where they lived
    what they faced

  • Additions, updates or corrections to any information on the website.