Markham of Chesterfield
      Ancestors and Descendants of John Markham

Who is the site-coordinator?

Greetings! I am delighted to have you visit the Markham of Chesterfield website. My name is Pamela Sue Hutchison Garrett and I have been researching on the Markham and allied families for almost forty years now. My passion for family history began when my mother shared with me some family letters and papers that had belonged to my grandfather, Albert Luther Clarkson. They introduced me to my greatgreatgreat-grandmother, Aubin Maria Markham, and I was captivated.

My mother, Blanche Aubin Clarkson Hutchison, has been my faithful research partner, since the beginning. Together, we have pursued numerous branches of our family, including Clarkson, Fry, Hutchins, Rowland, Grant, Nichols, Tanner, Hutchison, and many others. My father and mother-in-law have also joined the search. But, the Markham family caught my especial attention, and I have pursued it in every direction. This Markham of Chesterfield website is my effort to share what I have learned.

So far, the younger generations of my family have shown only a nominal interest in family history. They do this because they are gracious enough to encourage their mother or mother-in-law. But, I trust that someday, a child or grandchild will enjoy these wonderful stories of our ancestors as much as I have. I will be forever grateful to the family historians who shared these stories with me.

I have lived my entire life in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and I donít regret it. At present (2015), my family is made up of one faithful husband, three beloved children, two delightful sons-in-law, a brand new and beautiful daughter-in-law, and nine of the cutest little grandchildren around. (I know - all grandmothers say that!) I have been blessed, and I am daily thankful to God who has shown such grace and compassion to me.

My richest blessing has been my family, both near and extended. It is a privilege to share our common story,

Pamela Hutchison Garrett
Feburary 2015