Markham of Chesterfield
      Ancestors and Descendants of John Markham

Giles Co, Tennessee, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
51 Cox, Lilly  1 Jul 1868Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I3812 markhamchest 
52 Cox, Rose  1 Jul 1868Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I3813 markhamchest 
53 Patteson, James Nelson  13 Feb 1869Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1104 markhamchest 
54 Cox, Edgar A  17 Jul 1869Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I2546 markhamchest 
55 Burch, Mary Elizabeth  8 Sep 1869Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1117 markhamchest 
56 Harwell, Walter Meade  9 Nov 1870Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1199 markhamchest 
57 Cox, Mary  1871Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I2543 markhamchest 
58 Patteson, Altheria  1871Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1037 markhamchest 
59 Burch, David William  13 Aug 1873Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1118 markhamchest 
60 Burch, Bernard Markham  1874Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1119 markhamchest 
61 Burch, Josephine Euphemia "Josie"  28 Feb 1876Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1120 markhamchest 
62 Burch, William J  1879Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I3825 markhamchest 
63 Burch, Leroy  1880Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1121 markhamchest 
64 Patteson, Margaret Mae  19 Jul 1880Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1577 markhamchest 
65 Burch, Solon Chenny  19 Jun 1884Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1196 markhamchest 
66 Burch, Helen Fulton  20 Dec 1888Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1122 markhamchest 
67 Williams, Verna Eloise  11 Sep 1889Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1201 markhamchest 
68 Harwell, Ermon S  22 Aug 1895Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1234 markhamchest 
69 Harwell, Herbert  1 Mar 1897Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1230 markhamchest 
70 Harwell, Myrtice Edna  19 Dec 1898Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1220 markhamchest 
71 Burch, Mary Gene  Jan 1899Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I2746 markhamchest 
72 Harwell, Clifford Capers  25 Mar 1902Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1232 markhamchest 
73 Harwell, Angie  1905Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I2753 markhamchest 
74 Burch, Raymond Otto  25 Oct 1905Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I2748 markhamchest 
75 Burch, Annie Mildred  10 Apr 1907Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I2364 markhamchest 
76 Harwell, Robert Alvin  12 Nov 1907Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1235 markhamchest 
77 Harwell, Margaret  1 Jan 1909Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1223 markhamchest 
78 Burch, James Arvin  4 Jun 1909Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I2749 markhamchest 
79 Burch, Mary Frances  13 Aug 1910Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I2366 markhamchest 
80 Burch, Leroy Mecham  17 Jul 1912Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I2750 markhamchest 
81 Barlar, Henry Hallyard Cahal  31 Aug 1912Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1209 markhamchest 
82 Harwell, Georgia Elizabeth  14 Mar 1915Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1218 markhamchest 
83 Burch, Doris Lee "Dorrie"  16 Apr 1915Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I1228 markhamchest 
84 Burch, David William  14 Sep 1917Giles Co, Tennessee, USA I2752 markhamchest 

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