Markham of Chesterfield
      Ancestors and Descendants of John Markham

Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Mazie  22 Aug 1912Texas, USA I3317 markhamchest 
2 Anderson, Curtis  7 Dec 1898Texas, USA I1068 markhamchest 
3 Andrews, Lizzie  Aug 1873Texas, USA I2354 markhamchest 
4 Averitt, Lena Alma  10 Nov 1871Texas, USA I3303 markhamchest 
5 Bachmann, Margaret  1890Texas, USA I2860 markhamchest 
6 Biggerstaff, William O  1871Texas, USA I1057 markhamchest 
7 Cantrell, A Mabry  May 1895Texas, USA I1075 markhamchest 
8 Carr, George Thomas  25 Dec 1853Texas, USA I409 markhamchest 
9 Clinton, Inez Raymoth  4 Jul 1890Texas, USA I1062 markhamchest 
10 Cooke, Clarence Eugene  29 Aug 1887Texas, USA I849 markhamchest 
11 Coston, Etta Mae  26 Nov 1890Texas, USA I3300 markhamchest 
12 Cox, Kate M  1908Texas, USA I3560 markhamchest 
13 Crews, Myrtle O  13 Nov 1882Texas, USA I3561 markhamchest 
14 Forman, Beulah Mae  12 Jan 1884Texas, USA I1052 markhamchest 
15 Frazier, Lula  24 Dec 1869Texas, USA I1073 markhamchest 
16 Harrison, J P  Apr 1873Texas, USA I342 markhamchest 
17 High, Kyle  16 Aug 1904Texas, USA I1077 markhamchest 
18 Johnson, Clara Starr  23 Mar 1880Texas, USA I2687 markhamchest 
19 Larkin, Ella Pansy  1 Dec 1886Texas, USA I1124 markhamchest 
20 Markham, Ira Garrison  6 Aug 1884Texas, USA I331 markhamchest 
21 McCardell, Thomas Bolivar  7 Jan 1850Texas, USA I411 markhamchest 
22 Miers, Charles Hall  18 Apr 1887Texas, USA I1852 markhamchest 
23 Miers, George Henry  6 Jun 1889Texas, USA I3492 markhamchest 
24 Morgan, James Wylie  Jul 1871Texas, USA I2643 markhamchest 
25 Patteson, Jamie Randa  Sep 1884Texas, USA I3279 markhamchest 
26 Patteson, Mark Bernard  26 Dec 1885Texas, USA I3280 markhamchest 
27 Scott, William King  22 Mar 1913Texas, USA I2841 markhamchest 
28 Simpson, Vera  9 Aug 1892Texas, USA I971 markhamchest 
29 Smither, Thomas M  26 Nov 1892Texas, USA I3439 markhamchest 
30 Sutton, Billie Blanche  14 Jan 1908Texas, USA I2301 markhamchest 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Markham, George Woodson  1 Dec 1853Texas, USA I451 markhamchest 
2 Ogilvie, Mary Pope  28 Apr 1930Texas, USA I1097 markhamchest 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Callaway / Medlin  26 Dec 1850Texas, USA F291 markhamchest 
2 Patteson / Ogilvie  1883Texas, USA F516 markhamchest