Markham of Chesterfield
      Ancestors and Descendants of John Markham

Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Whitehead, William  Between 1807 and 1815Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I766 markhamchest 
2 Whitehead, John Henry  1806Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I765 markhamchest 
3 Whitehead, Catherine Markham  Abt 1810Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I523 markhamchest 
4 Whitehead, Cary  Between 1807 and 1815Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I767 markhamchest 
5 Thompson, Mary Gilbert "Mamie"  16 May 1882Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I3496 markhamchest 
6 Taylor, Maude Emma  May 1892Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2266 markhamchest 
7 Taylor, Lilly H  30 Jun 1880Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2248 markhamchest 
8 Taylor, John William  Oct 1869Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2261 markhamchest 
9 Taylor, George  May 1879Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2247 markhamchest 
10 Taylor, Ernest  Feb 1887Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2250 markhamchest 
11 Taylor, Eliza H "Lizzie"  May 1898Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2252 markhamchest 
12 Taylor, Charley  Jun 1884Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2249 markhamchest 
13 Taylor, Adolphus  May 1876Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2246 markhamchest 
14 Shelton, Zebedee Rush  1 Aug 1877Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2286 markhamchest 
15 Shelton, Wilford Garyson  29 Sep 1885Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2262 markhamchest 
16 Shelton, Stephen Hartwell  1883Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I3193 markhamchest 
17 Shelton, Sarah Frances  1883Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2367 markhamchest 
18 Robertson, Robert Lee "Buster"  Aug 1882Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I3499 markhamchest 
19 Robertson, Richard Smith  10 May 1852Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I566 markhamchest 
20 Reynolds, Lula Belle  7 Apr 1875Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2644 markhamchest 
21 Parker, Robert Barber  1874Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I3578 markhamchest 
22 Motley, Willard Alpheus  23 Sep 1901Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I4852 markhamchest 
23 Markham, William H  Abt 1790Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I31 markhamchest 
24 Markham, Thomas Bernard  18 Mar 1800Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I36 markhamchest 
25 Markham, Sarah "Sallie"  Between 1825 and 1830Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I519 markhamchest 
26 Markham, Rebecca J  Aft 1790Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I34 markhamchest 
27 Markham, Peter  Between 1780 and 1785Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I29 markhamchest 
28 Markham, Mary  Abt 1815Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I517 markhamchest 
29 Markham, Mary  Abt 1787Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I32 markhamchest 
30 Markham, Martha  Between 1816 and 1820Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I518 markhamchest 
31 Markham, Judith R  Abt 1795Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I35 markhamchest 
32 Markham, John  Abt 1790Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I30 markhamchest 
33 Markham, Elizabeth  Abt 1785Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I37 markhamchest 
34 Markham, Catherine M  17 Feb 1791Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I33 markhamchest 
35 Irby, Lula  Abt 1875Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2365 markhamchest 
36 Hancock, Mary "Mollie" J  Feb 1859Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I1598 markhamchest 
37 Eaton, Raleigh  1898Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2287 markhamchest 
38 Eaton, Mary  Jun 1881Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2254 markhamchest 
39 Eaton, Lotty  May 1895Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2258 markhamchest 
40 Eaton, Lillia  Sep 1889Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2256 markhamchest 
41 Eaton, Joseph  Apr 1893Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2257 markhamchest 
42 Eaton, George Thomas  10 Dec 1878Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2253 markhamchest 
43 Eaton, Ellen M  Jan 1887Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2255 markhamchest 
44 East, William  1879Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I3165 markhamchest 
45 East, Walter  1872Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I3163 markhamchest 
46 East, Thomas L  1868Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I3161 markhamchest 
47 East, Samuel  1874Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I3164 markhamchest 
48 East, Luther Burch  21 Jan 1881Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I569 markhamchest 
49 East, Cora Lee  2 May 1882Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I3188 markhamchest 
50 East, Charles Cheadle  1 May 1884Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I570 markhamchest 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Whitehead, Belinda  Aft 1880Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I274 markhamchest 
2 Tunstall, Mary  Abt 1809Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I28 markhamchest 
3 Taylor, Maude Emma  21 Nov 1973Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2266 markhamchest 
4 Taylor, Lilly H  30 Jan 1948Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2248 markhamchest 
5 Shelton, Wilford Garyson  29 Dec 1938Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I2262 markhamchest 
6 Motley, Willard Alpheus  18 May 1993Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I4852 markhamchest 
7 Markham, William H  Bef 1850Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I31 markhamchest 
8 Markham, Mary  Between 1840 and 1850Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I32 markhamchest 
9 Markham, Martha  Bef 1840Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I518 markhamchest 
10 Markham, John  1801Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I5 markhamchest 
11 Markham, Elizabeth  Bef 1820Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I37 markhamchest 
12 East, William Terry  24 Dec 1913Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I562 markhamchest 
13 Deboe, Allen  1867Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I1600 markhamchest 
14 Coleman, Henry  11 Nov 1837Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I3573 markhamchest 
15 Burch, William  24 Aug 1858Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I945 markhamchest 
16 Burch, Peter Lafayette  31 Oct 1894Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I527 markhamchest 
17 Burch, Peter Lafayette  24 Aug 1858Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I561 markhamchest 
18 Burch, Mary Lea  Aft 1910Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I554 markhamchest 
19 Burch, John W  Bef 1910Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I3186 markhamchest 
20 Burch, Joel Lafayette  23 Mar 1947Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I575 markhamchest 
21 Burch, Elisha  Aft 1850Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I276 markhamchest 
22 Adams, Martha Ann  6 Apr 1898Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA I552 markhamchest 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Younger / Burch  20 Apr 1898Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F316 markhamchest 
2 Whitehead / Markham  7 Jan 1804Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F24 markhamchest 
3 Whitehead / Coats  18 Jul 1820Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F164 markhamchest 
4 Taylor / Farthing  24 Oct 1835Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F746 markhamchest 
5 Taylor / Dove  1 Aug 1867Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F485 markhamchest 
6 Shelton / Taylor  25 Nov 1915Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F958 markhamchest 
7 Shelton / Taylor  20 Dec 1905Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F953 markhamchest 
8 Shelton / Burch  27 Mar 1912Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F1181 markhamchest 
9 Shelton / Burch  11 Jan 1896Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F311 markhamchest 
10 Oakes / Burch  21 Dec 1929Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F1745 markhamchest 
11 Mustain / Burch  29 Oct 1893Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F315 markhamchest 
12 Motley / Burch  10 Jan 1935Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F1747 markhamchest 
13 Lamkin / Burch  24 Dec 1901Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F1177 markhamchest 
14 Lamkin / Burch  22 Dec 1897Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F317 markhamchest 
15 Jordan / Lewis  11 Dec 1826Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F1781 markhamchest 
16 Eaton / Dove  1874Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F731 markhamchest 
17 East / Shelton  1908Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F313 markhamchest 
18 East / Reynolds  1 Nov 1894Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F1069 markhamchest 
19 East / Owen  27 Jan 1853Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F743 markhamchest 
20 East / Burch  14 Oct 1867Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F305 markhamchest 
21 Dove / Walker  16 Feb 1832Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F277 markhamchest 
22 Dove / Murphy  30 May 1840Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F278 markhamchest 
23 Dove / Markham  31 Dec 1839Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F275 markhamchest 
24 Dove / Markham  11 Jan 1837Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F276 markhamchest 
25 Dove / Hancock  1878Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F732 markhamchest 
26 Dove / Bruce  1804Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F747 markhamchest 
27 Deboe / Dove  30 Nov 1862Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F279 markhamchest 
28 Davis / Burch  17 Dec 1878Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F310 markhamchest 
29 Coleman / Burch  15 Jul 1833Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F1259 markhamchest 
30 Camp / Whitehead  17 Nov 1827Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F280 markhamchest 
31 Callaway / Markham  17 Feb 1812Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F21 markhamchest 
32 Burch / Thompson  25 Dec 1907Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F319 markhamchest 
33 Burch / Holt  22 Dec 1881Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F309 markhamchest 
34 Burch / East  12 May 1905Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F318 markhamchest 
35 Burch / East  19 Feb 1879Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F307 markhamchest 
36 Burch / Compton  26 Dec 1866Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F306 markhamchest 
37 Burch / Blair  1910Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F1182 markhamchest 
38 Barber / Watson  19 Sep 1866Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F1249 markhamchest 
39 Barber / Markham  6 Jan 1820Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F22 markhamchest 
40 Barber / Franklin  1 Oct 1868Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, USA F1251 markhamchest