Markham of Chesterfield
      Ancestors and Descendants of John Markham

Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bass, Wilmore Archer  1862Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I2612 markhamchest 
2 Bryant, George Lyng  1825Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I372 markhamchest 
3 Lewis, Ann Eliza  Abt 1790Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I269 markhamchest 
4 Lewis, Joseph  1796Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I267 markhamchest 
5 Lewis, Martha R  1805Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I1641 markhamchest 
6 Lewis, Mary  1804Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I271 markhamchest 
7 Lewis, Robert  1794Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I4945 markhamchest 
8 Lewis, Sarah Frances  1811Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I270 markhamchest 
9 Lewis, Susan Ellen  1808Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I4941 markhamchest 
10 Lewis, Vincent Markham  1798Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I268 markhamchest 
11 Ligon, William  21 Mar 1786Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I860 markhamchest 
12 Markham, B H  Abt 1869Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I1742 markhamchest 
13 Markham, Elizabeth "Betsy"  Abt 1775Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I48 markhamchest 
14 Moseley, Annis Pugh  4 Jul 1893Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I1805 markhamchest 
15 Moseley, Edward A  30 Sep 1835Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I1776 markhamchest 
16 Moseley, Ethel  28 Apr 1895Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I1806 markhamchest 
17 Moseley, J Edward  30 Jul 1891Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I1804 markhamchest 
18 Moseley, Mary  11 Jan 1890Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I1803 markhamchest 
19 Moseley, Obedience Rebecca  20 Feb 1861Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I1778 markhamchest 
20 Moseley, Pattie  6 May 1897Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I1807 markhamchest 
21 Woodson, Emily St Aubert  3 Nov 1798Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I284 markhamchest 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davis, Lucy K  20 Aug 1929Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I1686 markhamchest 
2 Evans, Eliza  Feb 1817Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I260 markhamchest 
3 Goode, Octavia R  30 Jul 1859Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I1777 markhamchest 
4 Harris, Elizabeth  Aft 1820Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I47 markhamchest 
5 Harris, William  1794Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I262 markhamchest 
6 Lewis, Francis  1812Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I266 markhamchest 
7 Markham, B H  12 Jul 1871Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I1742 markhamchest 
8 Markham, Vincent  Abt May 1801Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I7 markhamchest 
9 Markham, Vincent B "Pop Vinnie"  8 Apr 1929Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA I1678 markhamchest 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Burch / Markham  15 Jul 1808Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA F20 markhamchest 
2 Callaway / Lewis  23 Jan 1809Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA F163 markhamchest 
3 Davenport / Markham  14 Dec 1798Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA F443 markhamchest 
4 Hall / Zartman  13 Aug 1948Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA F1769 markhamchest 
5 Jordan / Lewis  7 Oct 1823Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA F1780 markhamchest 
6 Lewis / Markham  6 Jan 1794Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA F33 markhamchest 
7 Markham / Crowder  21 Jul 1865Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA F271 markhamchest 
8 Markham / Moseley  22 Jul 1852Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA F266 markhamchest 
9 Moseley / Markham  30 May 1860Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA F272 markhamchest 
10 Woodson / Harris  1792Powhatan Co, Virginia, USA F176 markhamchest